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Exercises are important part of our lives but most people don’t have enough money or time to do this. However, do not allow your budget to discourage you from exercising. Remember lack of exercise is very dangerous to your health because you are likely to experience problems like heart problems, high blood pressure and you are also likely to gain some weight and that becomes a big price to pay.

To be on the safe side, you should invest in a good fitness bike. Affordable exercise bikes are the best home fitness equipments you will ever find. Due to their compact design, they allow you to exercise wherever you want. They are also easy to use and come with different design to suit your comfort levels. In this article, we have reviewed the most affordable indoor cycling bikes you can find on the market

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Best Affordable Fitness Bikes Money Can Buy


PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Stationery Bicycle Exercise Bikes

The first thing you will love about this exercise bike is that it is SGS certified which means that it is very safe. It also comes with a 35 lbs bidirectional flywheel and a special designed screw that enhances stability. In addition, it comes with heavy-duty transport wheels to enhance mobility. It also has an oversize saddle which has a big cushion for a comfortable riding experience. Also note that it is equipped with a long lasting handlebar which you can easily adjust to suit any biking condition. Unlike others, this bike has an LCD monitor that tracks your speed, distance, odometer, burned calories and time.

Adjustable handlebar
LCD monitor tracks your performance
SGS certified
Supports up to 280 lbs
Could be better quality

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Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Exercise Stationary Bike with Digital Monitor

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Bike comes with an ergonomic seat that allows you to exercise comfortably. This seat is well padded and you can easily adjust it in 4 ways to suit your requirements. The unit also comes with an LCD monitor that allows you to track your progress. Additionally, it features a 22 lb flywheel which gives you precise control during your riding sessions. The handlebars are covered with foam to make boost your comfort especially when you want to extend your exercise sessions. A chain drive mechanism is also included to provide a sturdy and smooth ride. This exercise bike is ideal for anyone who weighs 220 lbs or below.

Easy to adjust
Easy to assemble
Ergonomic and well padded seat
Very strong
Cheap construction

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Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike with 40 LB Chromed Flywheel

This one is another great exercise bike that will give you excellent value for your money. It comes with 2 ways adjustable handlebars plus four ways adjustable seat to give you maximum comfort. You will also find that it is equipped with a strong flywheel  which provides the requires stability as you work out. In order to prevent wobbling, this bike contains base levelers which enables it to remain stable on uneven surfaces. Also note that it supports up to 275 lb total weight. The frame is made of a heavy-duty steel to enhance stability and durability. For easy mobility, you will find that it has integrated transport wheels.

Exceptional quality
Adjustable resistant system
Heavy-duty construction
Sturdy flywheel
A bit noisy

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Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike is one of the most advanced exercise bikes you will ever find. It has a step through design which comprises of a 14 gauge steel tubing which has a powder coating. Due to its design, it provides maximum mobility during workouts. Unlike other, it causes magnetic resistant mechanism which has 8 resistant levels. It is also equipped with tension knobs for easier riding in difficult terrains.  This also allows you to customize your workouts as per your fitness levels. In addition, it comes with a well-padded seat which provides maximum support and comfort.

Easy to read LCD screen
Comfortable seat
Eight resistant levels
Sturdy constructions
Not easy to adjust

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How We Did Our Research

Buying a fitness bike requires a lot of research if you want to end up with a product that will give you a great performance. We do not want you to waste your money on a non-functional product or one that won’t last. To make your work easier, we tried to compare different things in order to come up with the above products. Below are some of the important things we checked.

  1. Design

Even if exercise bikes may look the same, the truth is that they are very different. One of the common mistakes people make when buying these units is failure to do a thorough research before buying. This can be very costly because you are likely to end up with a useless product. From the many products we had picked, we tried to check those with the most outstanding features. Features such a LCD display are very important when tracking performance and not all units have this feature.

  1. Price

The quality of the exercises bike may also be determined by price. In most cases, the best products are those that bear high price tags. These products have more features which enables them to provide a better performance. However, not everyone who can afford such products. What we did is that we tried to compare the features with price and all the products we have reviewed are budget friendly. This means that irrespective of your budget, you will still find a quality product.

  1. Ease of use

Sometimes you may experience some problems when using an exercise bike for the first time. This is because not all exercise bikes have a user-friendly design. To save you from such frustrations, we only considered those products that won’t give you problems when using them.

Why Should You Invest In An Exercise Bike?

  1. Weight loss

If you are a busy person and you rarely get time for doing some exercising, a fitness bike will be a good option. These bikes are very convenient because you can use them even in your home. When you ride a fitness bike for about thirty minutes, you are likely to burn 200-300 calories. This makes them ideal for those who want to lose weight.

  1. Convenient

Once you buy a fitness bike, you will no longer need to visit the gym. This means that they are also economical since you do not need to pay for the gym. Again, you can use them anywhere whether in office or home.

  1. Energy booster

Sometimes fitness bikes can be used as energy booster. What you need to know is that riding a bike triggers your brain to release a hormone known as neurotransmitter dopamine that is known to improve energy levels in your body. These bikes can increase the energy levels by 20% and reduce fatigue by 65%.

  1. Strengthening of muscles

You can also use a fitness bike if you want to strengthen your muscles. There two strokes that are used in an exercise bike. There is the pull and the push. Pushing down on pedals allows you to strengthen your quads while on the other hand, pulling up allows you to exercise your hamstrings. Again, they do not put a lot of pressure on your knees since you will be using them on an even ground.

  1. Health benefits

Riding a fitness bike may strengthen your lings and heart. Apart from that, it also boosts respiratory functions. For those with high blood pressure problems, fitness bikes are very useful in controlling blood pressure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lose belly fat by riding a fitness bike?

When cycling an exercise bike, you can easily burn 300-700 kcal in an hour. This means that they are very effective for those who want to lose weight.

Is 30 minutes on a fitness bike enough?

If you can spare at least 30 minutes per day to use an exercise bike, you will be losing 200-

300 calories per session but it also depends with your weight.

Which is better between a treadmill and a stationary bike?

Whether you are using a treadmill or a stationary bike, there are no major differences because both of them work the same. However, treadmills allow you to burn more calories as compared to when you are using a fitness bike but they are more expensive than fitness bikes.

Is it safe to ride a fitness bike every day?

There is no harm if you choose to use an exercise bike every day. For those with joint problems, daily exercises are highly recommended.


The final Verdict

One of the most important areas you should never neglect is your fitness. Apart from healthy eating, you need to do exercise frequently. Since you may not have all the time to hit the gym, you can invest in a fitness bike. These bikes are very easy to use and also convenient. If you are searching for a perfect option that will give you excellent results, you can never go wrong with any of those we have reviewed. We only considered those with the best features which means that they perform better than any other fitness bike you can find on the market.

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