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Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike
ACEGER Balance Bike for Kids with Basket
GOMO Balance Bike

Planning on buying your little one a balance bike that is manufactured to ensure safety? 

If you have been looking for a balance bike for your energetic toddler, then you’re at the right place.

Balance bikes are brilliant for those 2 years, and up, it allows you to teach your little munchkin to balance on two weeks and learn to ride independently; they’re super fun and perfect way to introduce your toddler to riding. 

However, there are tons of options for anyone to get confused about, going over the balance bikes with different tyre types, brake types, weight, and size criteria. Pre-schoolers are eager to learn cycling but first, every parent wants them to learn how to balance.

But wait, let me tell you something…

To make things easier for you and your little one, I have spent time finding the best balance bikes that have been manufactured to perfection. So your toddler can have bump-free rides, a good grip on the handles, and a comfortable ride. 

Here’s a tip that I found very useful: children tend to feel confident while they glide down slow on the balance bike, which makes them want to learn the art of cycling with their older siblings, and when they’ve got balance biking down to a T it is a brilliant time to introduce pedal bikes.

Let’s dive into the world of balance bike and find the one perfect for your toddler!

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Best Balance Bikes Reviews

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Be team Strider and be awesome! Coming in hot at number one and stealing the show is Strider 12 Sport balance bike, they are one of the most coveted bicycle brands for toddlers.

It has revolutionized the learning process of kids, so they become comfortable and confident with feeling the fresh air on their small faces before they get out of their diapers.

The bonus of owning Strider 12 is that the seat can be extended to the height of your child, so it can accommodate around 18 months to 5-year-olds.  It has been ranked as a lightweight balance bike that weighs only 3 kg making it ideal for younglings as well as siblings. 

But here’s the kicker…

Strider gives full control and makes your child used to responsibility, power, and freedom when it comes to riding. Give your child the childhood of wonder they deserve with their Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike.

The frame is quite sturdy and durable which makes it perfect for other kids to use. Maintenance of the bike is easier, as the tires are puncture-proof and the handlebar too can be adjusted.

To top it all off, this perfect training balance bike comes in a variety of colors, so your little man can show off his red bike to his pre-school friends. Your little one will love this awesome bike! 

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Puncture free tyres
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Expensive
Latest deal: Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

ACEGER Balance Bike for Kids with Basket

Number two spot has to go to Aceger Balance bike, these pretty bikes will make your little one look as cute as a button. One thing I love about this balance bike is the cute basket that comes with it, your toddler can be just like mommy and daddy with their essential toys!

The manufacturers have given special attention to the safety aspect, as they have ensured a sturdy frame to withstand bumpy terrain or cracks on the sidewalk. Plus the air-filled tires are brilliant for adding comfort for your child.

This balance bike is amazing for all toddlers!

It is perfect for any kid between the ages of 2 and a half to 5 years; the perfect time to introduce the concept of a bicycle. Build your kid’s confidence with their very own bike with soft handlebar grips, along with a cute basket, bell, and reflectors.

Surprise the munchkin on their birthday; moreover, it is quite easy to assemble, as it comes with tools and an instructions manual. ACEGER considers transportation, so the tires are inflated to 60 to 70% for safety concerns.

If you were looking for a purple-colored balance bike for the Barney lover, ACEGER got you covered. Other colors like pink, white, and spring green are also available so you can pick whatever color your little girl loves and watch her eyes light up when they up wrap their new bike!

  • Handy basket
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Variety of colors
  • Safety guaranteed
  • Might be too big for a small three-year-old
Latest deal: ACEGER Balance Bike for Kids with Basket

GOMO Balance Bike

best balance bike for 18 month old

Number 3 spot has to go to GOMO, who have provided the COOLEST balance bikes you’ll find for your toddler; the design and quality of this balance bike are unmatched. It is among the top sellers of high-quality bikes for toddlers.

This bike is the perfect opportunity for any 18-month kid to boost their confidence before they start pedaling. The best way to learn balance is by practicing on their colorful GOMO balance bike, which is available in 6 vibrant colors.

As parents, we want a high-quality bike that your kid will love but one that is durable enough to withstand tantrums and moments of frustration; it can take a fair amount of dragging, throwing to the ground; GOMO is built for it all.

As if that was enough…

Another bonus is the amount of weight this lightweight yet sturdy balance bike can hold, up to 60 pounds easily. The grip handlebars make it easier for kids to grab and drag it easily down the slope.

It also glides down rough terrain like a dream, thanks to the 12 inches of anti-puncture heavy-duty foam wheels that can withstand whatever your toddler comes across with ease. 

GOMO is known for its confidence and customer care, as the balance bikes come with a 2-year warranty. Now, your kid can be cool and trendy with your ultra-fashionable balance bike beating other kids on the block.

  • Sturdy design
  • Puncture free tyres
  • Lightweight
  • 2-year warranty
  • Pieces made of plastic instead of steel
Latest deal: GOMO Balance Bike

Schwinn Skip Toddler Balance Bike

best balance bike for 2 year old

This is one of the cutest balance bikes on the block, with an adjustable seat for your growing baby. It comes n a variety of colors to choose from while coming with a limited lifetime warranty; any damage caused can easily be shipped back with confidence.

This balance bike provides the perfect opportunity for your toddler to learn how to balance on their lightweight balance bike and feel confident, so you can install the pedals for them to learn about cycling.

Schwinn is one of the best, hands down!

The 12-inch puncture-free tires are air-filled, which makes them perfect for all kinds of terrains. Foot to floor frame design makes it one of the top balance bike designs for beginners.

If you need a balance bike for any 2 to 4-year-old, get the Schwinn Skip Toddler Balance Bike with an easy steer handlebar. The adjustable seat does not require any tools to move it according to the kid’s height.

This cycle is a lifetime investment, as all the kids can use it until they grow out of it.

  • Variety of colors
  • Lightweight frame
  • Air-filled puncture-free tyres
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Seat might break
Latest deal: Schwinn Skip Toddler Balance Bike

Woom 1

best balance bike for toddlers

This balance bike is perfection from top to bottom; the Woom 1 introduces your little one into the fun world of cycling; your toddler can hop on and cruise away while learning how to steer and balance– this balance bike provides the smoothest ride for your little one. 

The lightweight aluminum frame is the heart of this balance bike makes riding comfortable and durable. Plus, the adjustable frame means that your kid won’t easily outgrow this bike, and it will last you for years to come.

A nice addition that gives this bike the same feel as a big-kid bike is the rear brakes; learning how to operate brakes is brilliant for your young one; it allows them to boost their confidence, so the jump isn’t so big when they get the real thing. 

Here’s more:

The Woom 1 bike was designed with safety in mind and the steering limiter. This prevents accidental overturning and instills confidence within your budding toddler to learn to steer safely. 

Unlike other kids’ balance bikes, the Woom 1 tires are air-inflated, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they won’t be as durable. These real Schwalbe tires make rolling a breeze while also offering plenty of traction and durability. 

This bike ensures comfort, stability and will boost any toddler’s confidence until they’re ready to get on the big boy bikes. It will be the best Christmas or birthday present your little one could ask for! 

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Steering limiter
  • Includes brakes for learning
  • None
Latest deal: Woom 1

Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

best balance bike for 4 year old

Here’s yet another brilliant balance bike for the price point. Retrospec Pedal-free club allows your little one to gain confidence and encourages intuitive riding and developing balance and coordination; it makes the transition to ‘big-kid bikes’ that much easier! 

Retrospec bikes are on the higher end of the spectrum, so if you have a huge budget for a balance bike, then Retrospec Cub Kids Bike is the one. This bike requires minimum assemble while being maintenance-free.

Retrospec is a super-safe beginner bike that reduces the risk of injury by keeping feet close to the ground and the frame low. Your little one will be whizzing around the front yard while practicing their balancing skills without having to rely on training wheels. 

This bike is as good as it looks!

The puncture-free air-filled tires are ideal for your little one; no more deflated tires and melt-down toddlers because they cannot use their sweet ride. It is a brilliant long-term investment and will see you through from as young as 20 months to 5 years! 

If you want a sturdy design for your kids to share to help develop coordination and balance, then retrospect will be your best bet! The built-in foot-to-floor design will be sure to build confidence. 

It’ll make transitioning from balance bikes to big-kid bikes like a dream. 

  • Foot to floor design
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive
Latest deal: Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

Radio Flyer Balance Bike

best balance bike for 3 year old

Radio Flyer is not your every other pedal-free balance bike, it has more than 100 years of filling kids with wonder and joy!

It has been built to perfection, as the manufacturers have taken special consideration to make the steel frame lightweight and sturdy to last a long time. It has also been equipped with an adjustable seat and handlebars for your growing child!

The Air Ride balance bike is brilliant for your toddler as it allows them to focus on their balance, as they learn to walk, glide and run this balance bike will massively help develop coordination. 

But that’s not all… 

Another fun feature is the bell, it is an additional feature to entertain your kid and make him/her stand out from the rest. Radio flyer balance bike can hold up to 50 lbs, a kid who is nearly 2.5 to 5 years can sit comfortably and learn the art of balancing and coordination.

The grip tape on the frame also provides a place for your toddler to place their feet as they glide, the frame is lightweight and durable and will ensure years of fun for your little one. 

  • Durable steel frame
  • Adjustable seat
  • Traction tread tyres
  • Lightweight
  • Packing issues leads to missing pieces
Latest deal: Radio Flyer Balance Bike

INFANS Lightweight Balance Bike

best balance bike for 3 year old

INFANS outshines others with the awesome steering and coordination skills imparted in young kids among the amazing collection.

Now they can ride their sturdy premium frame, which has been coated with a non-toxic protective powder coat that prevents rusting and scratches. Safety has been a motto of INFANS, as the handlebars have been given special attention, so they are easy to control and allow kids to grip them easily.

Balance bikes teach kids to learn how to balance and train their physical response through pedaling. Designed with no pedals, this balance bike will help your child develop essential bike skills such as steering and coordination before going onto big-boy bikes.

But wait, here’s more…

The bike’s frame is also made with a non-toxic protective powder coat finish; this will protect the bike from being scratched and protected from rust. This bike is tantrum friendly! 

The saddle-shaped seat is perfect for keeping your kid seated while going down the slope. Streamline design helps gain momentum while your kid has complete control with the 360-degree rotatable handlebar.

Plus the premium quality EVA tires are puncture-free along with being shockproof, these inflation-free tires are not the last thing in the durable balance cycle, but it is super lightweight. This is a great little bike for the price!

  • Lightweight
  • Inflation free tyres
  • 360-degree rotatable handlebar
  • Protective non-toxic powder coating
  • Limited colors
Latest deal: INFANS Lightweight Balance Bike

Chillafish Charlie Lightweight Toddler Balance Bike

Chillafish Charlie is a parent favorite, as it is the cutest barbie pink toddler balance bike with neon yellow adjustable handlebars and seat. Get your little princess the only balance bike she deserves, as the metal frame is lightweight, yet durable and sturdy.

This will boost her confidence and make her ready for cycling. Any 18 to 48-month kid can learn to balance on their no puncture 10-inch EVA tires, which too are available in a variety of colors.

No need to inflate tires anymore and enjoy the fun!

This lightweight metal frame is perfect for any toddler giving them the confidence and skill to ride a real bike. Plus as it’s easy to carry it’s ideal for vacations, the frame is so lightweight that it’s easy to work, plus it comes with an integrated carry handle. 

You can carry this bike wherever you go! 

The development of motor skills is one of the many positives of owning a Chillafish Charlie toddler balance bike. Moreover, good news for all the parents looking for something with a warranty, Chillafish Charlie gives a 2-year warranty.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Puncture free 10-inch EVA tyres
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Only available in pink
Latest deal: Chillafish Charlie Lightweight Toddler Balance Bike

JOYSTAR Kids Balance Bike

Last but certainly not least is JoyStar’s state-of-the-art bike for kids between 1.5 to 5 years of age. The footrest makes it easier for them to step down on their pedal-less bike, which helps them find their balance and improve their coordination.

It is fun for both kids and parents, as the air-free tires are puncture-proof and require low maintenance. The weight of the adjustable seat and handlebar makes it easier for kids of all heights to fit, and the assembly is quite easy.


Joystar Balance bike makes teaching your little ones an absolute breeze, with no training wheels. This bike allows your kids to learn how to balance at a young age, building the confidence they need to ride big-kid bikes in no time. 

When buying a bike for our kids, we always go for convenience and adjustability; your toddler grows like no tomorrow. You don’t want to be spending money on a bike that they’ll outgrow in 6 months… Luckily Joystar has a completely adjustable handlebar and custom height adjustment allowing room to grow. 

This little bike is perfect for your little rider! 

  • Puncture free tyres
  • Foot to floor design
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Slightly on the expensive end
Latest deal: JOYSTAR Kids Balance Bike

Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike

Another Strider bike that is built to take on any terrain, so let your little explore and ride their bike freely and gain confidence. Any kid in the bracket of 18 months to 3 years would be lucky to own this lightweight 3 kg balance bike.

For starters, this bike comes with a built-in footrest that your little one will love as it allows them to glide freely. The handleabrs and seat can also be adjusted, making it ideal for your rapidly growing toddler. 

You’ll dig this little bike!

Life has been made easier with the budget-friendly bike that has puncture-free tires to move on any path. Your child can go on an adventure without the fear of wrecking his prized possession, as it has a sturdy steel frame to take on anything.

Our little ones grow before we can even blink, we must treasure these moments where they’re still little and new to the world of cycling, before too long they’ll be speeding past you! Become your little rebel’s biggest cheerleader with a balance bike that can do it all. 

Strider has even put a guide to help your kids Learn-To-Ride online which is accessible to all the registered kids. Strider has done it again with yet another balance bike that provides major fun for your little one. 

  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Built-in footrest
  • Lightweight
  • Hard to steer
Latest deal: Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike

Best Balance Bikes Buyers Guide

The toddler stage is such an exciting time; your little one is finally old enough to enjoy more activities, and learning to ride a bike is super fun and entertaining for both you and your toddler. 

Jumping in the deep end with a full-blown bike with stabilizers can be quite daunting for a toddler; balance bikes are the perfect in-between; they will boost your toddler’s stability, coordination, and confidence while introducing them to the world of biking, it also makes the transition to big-kid bikes that much easier. 

For little ones, a lightweight bike is key, as well as one that is durable. Toddlers are lovely, but any parent will tell you that they have more tantrums than they can count; maybe it’s their sibling’s turn, and they chuck down the bike on a strop, or whether it’s time to go in– life happens. 

Getting a durable bike is essential as it protects your bike from scratches and can take a fair amount of abuse before it breaks; if the bike isn’t durable, it won’t last more than a few months… 

You also need to think that your child is growing at a rapid rate; you won’t want to buy balance bikes that aren’t adjustable; balance bikes should grow with your child, most will last from around 2 to around 5 years old, and that’s how it should be! 

I’m here to make your life a little easier; I’m going to break down all the confusing features so when you go to buy a balance bike for your little one, you’ll be totally prepared! We need to cherish these moments and not have a stressful experience trying to find a bike. 

Let’s delve in, shall we? 

Key Things To Look Out For When Buying Balance Bikes:

Weight: This is one of the main things you need to look for in a balance bike, as your child will be dragging their bike here and there. Thus, if your kid ends up riding alone, they can easily navigate their way and enjoy their exploration.

When you think about it, this bike is for the 5 and under gang; toddlers tend to get frustrated easily, and a heavy bike will do them no favors, temper tantrums galore! I would recommend going for an aluminum frame over steel any day; they’re 3x lighter and just as durable. 

They may be slightly price than steel frames but still affordable for parents; if you have the option, I will opt for the aluminum frame. 

Adjustable seat and handlebar: The adjustable seat and handlebar allow parents to accommodate all their kids. We understand how crucial it is for parents to buy a sturdy design that is durable while being affordable.

Also, this way kids get to enjoy their balance bike to the fullest.It isn’t “one size fits all.” We need some adjustability to make sure that the seat is as comfortable as possible for our child. If you choose a bike that is too big for them, they’ll inevitably crash and get frustrated. 

For balance bikes, your kid should be able to touch the floor with their feet flat, so you should adjust to your little one’s needs, and as they grow, the bike will grow with them. 

Affordable: This category compares all the good qualities, making it easier for parents to choose based on what works for them.

It makes it super helpful to understand a sturdy design along with quick assembly, puncture-free tires, 360 degrees rotatable, and foot-to-the-floor design, all while being affordable. If you’re not too worried about price I would highly recommend the Woom 1, it is the best of the best! 

Tires: There tend to be two different options when it comes down to the tires on balance bikes; they’re either filled with foam/plastic or air. With foam tires, you won’t need to worry about flats or punctures, but air-inflated tires tend to have more of a natural feel of the real thing. 

They also provide superior traction when riding on grass, dirt, and gravel. While for an 18month old that doesn’t seem too important but as they become more confident, they will become more adventurous with their rides. 

Brakes: Now, while handbrakes are not always required, I would always recommend getting one; this will get them into good practice when they learn on big-kid bikes. 

While they’re young, they’ll stop using their feet but teaching them how to use a hand brake is really important as it won’t make learning how to use it so alien to them when they learn to use the real thing, so around 2-3 years old I would recommend using a hand brake. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Balance Bikes:

What age is best for a balance bike?
For balance bikes, I would recommend using them from the age of around 18 months. Most adjustable balance bikes are adjustable on the seat and handlebars, so they’ll last your kid up to around 5-6 years old, and by then, they’ll be eager to learn on the big-kid bike!

Balance bikes are a brilliant way to build up confidence, stability, and coordination. They’re ideal as they make the jump between balance bikes and normal bikes not seem so big.

What is a balance bike?

Balance bikes are also known as run bikes or no-pedal bikes as they’re bikes with no pedals. They teach children to learn to balance and steer; there are no pedals, no gears, no drivetrain, no derailleurs, and most of the time, no hand brake.

It gives toddlers confidence when they learn how to use pedal bikes by building up their balance and coordination.

How do balance bikes compare to training wheels? 

Training wheels are a much harder way for your kid to learn how to ride a bike. To start with, they’re a serious confidence knocker as without learning how to balance, it will be tough to ride.

Training bikes teach kids how to ride while unbalanced while balance bike teaches kids how to ride and balance. Training wheeled bikes tend to tilt to one side, giving a false sense of balance. It is much more difficult to learn how to ride unbalanced to balanced.


All these products are a compilation of great features that guarantee safety and trust after being tested in labs, so the parents can let their beloved toddler have fun on their new balance bike. They have the most interesting features, such as adjustable seats and handlebars.

These handlebars specifically rotate 360-degree that makes it easier to steer. The foot to floor design on these amazing bikes makes it easier for the kids to navigate and coordinate.

The sturdy designs on these balance bikes make it one of a kind. Moreover, they have a diverse range of colors that stand out among other bikes. And puncture-free tyres enable super low maintenance.

Parents are concerned whether their child will fit easily on the bike, so all these bikes have adjustable seats that require no tools.

It does not matter which one you decide to purchase in the end. All that matters is that you get a balance bike in your decided budget and your kid loves it. Balancing and coordination will become easier before your kid is out of their diapers, she or he will be riding their first bicycle after the confidence boost.

Enjoy the little moments!

Lock: You will find mostly two types of locks. A key lock and a keyless entry lock. The keyless lock uses a number combination which is better than the key design as you may end up losing the keys. The key locks also work great but there is a better option available here.

Nylon covering: This one is essential although not completely necessary. If you care about your bike’s paint, then you will want a lock that has its chain covered in some cloth. Nylon coverings prevent the bikes from getting nicked.

Bike chain locks are a crucial thing to have especially in a world where theft is so common. Many bikers lose their bikes to thieves all around the globe. And to prevent that from happening, we looked at some of the best bike chain locks available to you online. Some had a key entry while others provided a 5-digit resettable number lock which is a great option. Speaking of options, some even gave you different colors to pick from. The chains were made with strong manganese steel which is plenty durable, and the locks were also heavy-duty. Lastly, nylon covers were also seen that protect the bike paint from chipping off.

Cycling is a breathtakingly beautiful hobby and many around the world love it. The sport demands the rightful respect it gets, and the bike itself is a beautiful artwork. You will need a lock to protect your prized possession, and with the ones we looked at today, you will love what you get.