Best Bike Chain Lubes [Review] in 2020

Last Updated on September 29, 2020

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Bikes just like all machines must be maintained. An important part of maintenance is lubrication. Bikes are made up of chains, discs and other surfaces moving over one another. There is always the need to reduce friction as well as wear and tear. In the absence of lubricants, efficiency is badly hampered and a lot of machines easily need the services of a repairman. When it comes to choosing lubricants you must carefully choose so that you don’t apply the wrong one.

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The Selection of Our Best Bike Chain Lubes



Top Choice Item

WD-40 Bike products are designed to change biking for the better. It keeps bikes in good shape and always ready to get going. The lube keeps the cogs and joints of the chain well-greased to grind against each other smoothly. The Lube is designed to ward off dust, mud and water hence it is suitable for all weather. The lubricating effects prevent wear and tear as a result of friction. It does not produce wax, therefore, the chain links are safe. The biodegradable formula is efficient for removing grime

It prevents wear and tear
Reduces unpleasant sounds during cycling
It helps prolong the lifespan of the bike
It is very affordable
The cover is not adjustable enough

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Bike Hardcore Chain Butter Lube

Best Value Item

The Finish Line’s Dry Lube is highly rated because of the quality it offers. It contains the Teflon fluoropolymer that acts as moisture repellant as well as reducing the level of friction in the pedals of the bike. When it is applied there is a wax looking constituent that absorbs some level of dirt, dust and other tiny particles. This keeps those areas of your bike clean. It can be used on numerous parts of the bike like cables, pedals, chain, derailleurs, shifters, etc. Dry Lube readily permeates tiny spaces and easily attaches to bike parts due to its high viscosity. It minimizes the occurrence of wearing and tearing of bike parts. This lubricant is a solution to the needs of those who ply dirty, dusty and wet roads and other areas with their bikes.

It is moisture-resistant and hence protects against dirt that comes with water
Its application is easy
It lasts long
It is multifaceted as it can be used on other parts of the bike
The level of cleanliness is good but still needs an upgrade

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Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Chain Lube

Prime Picked Item

The Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Chain Lube is here to make cycling a continuous source of fun and enjoyment. Basically, it is a lubricant which prevents friction, wear, and tear of bike parts. It has a petroleum-free formula that brings the grinding of the chain of the bicycle to its very minimal. It contains nano-ceramic particles and other constituents like polymers which are biodegradable and at the same time help minimize friction and hence mitigating corrosion. The product comes with a UV torch to check your bike chain to make sure you applied it properly.

It prevents energy-draining friction
It fights corrosion
It resistant to water and dirt
It contains about 3.2 ounces of the liquid which is quite tangible at the price.
Its quality may be adversely affected after being exposed to air for a prolonged period

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Bike Hardcore Chain Butter Lube

The Chain butter is a lubricant that helps avoid noisy chains and unexpected breakdown of your bike during workouts. It does not produce wax and it is very clean. The Chain butter Lube helps to lubricate chains and surfaces so that they can move seamlessly while being meshed together. It is a water-based viscous liquid which clings to the drive-train when applied to make it difficult for dirt and grime to get into the nooks of the chains and plated they glide over. It helps to protect your chain against dirt, water, and mud. It is an environmentally friendly lube that can be used on all chain surfaces.

It has a high level of multi-viscosity
It is affordable
It can reach tiny spaces
It reduces friction
It is relatively expensive

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Best Bike Chain Lube Buyers Guide

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Are bike chain lubes important?

Below are the major advantages of using bike chain lubes.

Extend durability of the chain – The bike chain is one of the components which are likely to wear out quickly due to friction. To minimize the rate of wear and tear, chain lubes are the best.

Prevents noise – Dry chains produces a very annoying squeaky noise. However, you can easily prevent this by using chain lubes.

Conservation of energy – Another benefit of using chain lubes is that they enhance the performance of your bike. Lubricating your bike allows you to ride comfortably without using a lot of energy. Lubes provide a similar feeling just like when you are cycling a new bike.

Protection – Mud, sand, and silt contribute greatly to friction which leads to wear and tear. Applying lubes to the chain helps to add a layer of protection to the chain which in turn minimizes wear and tear since there will be less friction.

Factors to consider when buying bike chain lubes

Type – The three types of bike chain lubes include, wet, ceramic, and dry lube.

  1. Dry lubes – The best to use in dry conditions. This means that you should use them during the summer or spring. They are made with a unique component that enables the lube to dry when applied on the chain. As a result, they protect the chain from dirt.
  2. Wet lubes – These types of lubes are used in wet conditions like when it is raining or when there is snow. The good thing about them is that they are water-resistant which means that they are able to withstand ponds and puddles since they have an oil-based component. However, they usually attract dirt due to their wet nature.
  3. Ceramic lubes – These ones are the most expensive but they penetrate well then other lubes. Besides that, they are not easily washed away.

Applicator – You need to choose an applicator that matches with the lube. Some of the lubes come in spray bottles while others come are available in drip bottles. Those that come with a drip bottle require more time to apply. On the other hand, spraying can be a bit messy which means that you need to take precautions. You can also use a bush.

Reapplication time – Some lubes are meant to be used often while others are able to last for more than six months. If you normally use the bike frequently on harsh surfaces, you need to apply the lube frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bike chain lubes expensive?

Bike chain lubes come with different prices according to the type and effectiveness. However, they are among the cheapest bike products.

Which is the best bike chain lube?

It is not easy to tell which lube is the best since they come with different types. During summer or spring, you should consider dry lubes. Wet lubes are the best during the rainy season. As compared to wet and dry lubes, ceramic lubes are the most effective.


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