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Having a flat tire is undesirable because it disrupts the flow of your activity. But having something to salvage the situation with beats the disappointment you might be experiencing at that moment.  It is always good to possess a pump of your own. There are handy pumps that could help you get that tire back up and get you back on the road. We would be reviewing a few of the best bike pumps without which you should never leave home.

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Best Bike Pumps


Performance Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Glueless Puncture Kit

The floor pump is made of tough and flexible materials. It is entirely made of steel which serves to elongate the life span. It has the T-valve system that makes it possible to quickly choose between the Schrader and the Presta tire types of valves. The glueless Puncture Kit is part of the accessories that are packed with it. The pump can reach a high-pressure range(160 PSI) hence it is suitable for even bigger tires. The gauge is designed to give readings and make measurements easy so as not to overfill the tires. The presence of the inflation needle makes it possible to inflate sport balls and other non-tire equipment.
It has the Rapid-T Valve which is multi-faceted
It has a tough build
It Inflates to 160 Psi at a very high speed
The gauge is present to accurately measure the PSI to avoid inflation
It is expensive

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Schwinn Air Center Plus Floor Pump for Bicycles

The Air Center Plus is designed to bring you quick and lasting repairs for your faulty tires. The wide base gives it stability to stand on the ground while pumping. The maximum pressure range it can hit is 120 PSI. It has a hose lined with rubber and a gauge the enable easy connection and filling of the tire. The pump head is compatible with both the Presta and Schrader types of tires.  It has a height of about 20 inches with a wide base to hold it still of about 10.7 inches.
It has a wide base that makes it stable
It is compatible with Presta and Schrader
It has a clear Gauge that accurately measures the PSI
It has the needle for pumping other equipment.
It can be bulky

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BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Smart Valve Head

BV Bike Pump is a bicycle pump of topmost quality. Apart from being compatible with Presta and Schrader, it has a gauge that is accurate and easy to read. It comes in silver and yellow colors. The two valves are designed to inter-switch with each other. This happens without any leaks. The handle is very big and the base is broad therefore it is stable. You can inflate a tire to the pressure of 160 PSI. There is a long hose that turns in all angles and aids the pumping of air. The steel and aluminum makeup is to make it last.
It has an accurate large Gauge which is easy to read.
The base is wide and it makes it Stable
It has a very Long Hose that turns 360 Degree
It is made of steel and aluminum which makes it tough.
It doesn’t hold much air

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Schwinn 5 in 1 Floor Pump With Gauge

The floor pump is of high quality and is stable. It has an inflation cone for pool floats. There is a large gauge that shows values corresponding to the PSI. It pumps up to, 140 PSI. It can make use of the Schrader and Presta valve pumping system. There is the presence of an inflation needle for pumping football, volleyball, basketball and other sports balls. The handles are well fitted for holding. The other adaptors are held in position by the holster. The Sturdy and compact pump is 25″ high, no special attachment needed to pump.
It is compatible with Presta and Schrader
It has a wide base for stability
It has needles for pumping sport balls
There is inflation cone for pool floats
It is very high, hence bulky to carry about

Latest deal: Schwinn 5 in 1 Floor Pump With Gauge

Best Bike Pumps Buyers Guide

Why should you buy a bike pump?

They are very convenient– There is nothing frustrating than when flats happen when you are cycling. With a bike pump, you do not need to worry in case of a flat. Again, you can use them anywhere due to their portable design.

Versatile– Apart from using them to inflate bike tires, bike pumps can also be used to inflate air mattresses, sports balls, cart tires among others.

Easy to use– Another benefit of bike pumps is that they are very easy to use.

How to choose the best bike pump

Today there are so many bike pumps on the market which makes it hard to determine the best. However, you should check the following features.

Material– Bike pumps are made of different materials. Some are made of plastic while others are made from metals. Plastic bikes are more lightweight as compared to the metallic ones but they are less durable. They are also more affordable. Since bike pumps are a bit cheap, you should go for the most durable option or material that is hard to break.

Comfort– You also need to check the handles to ensure that they are comfortable. The best pump should have an ergonomic handle. Make sure you have compared the handles available in different models before you make a choice on which one to buy.

Stability– Not all bike pumps are stable even if they are used for the same purpose. The most stable pumps are those that feature a wide base. These pumps make your work easier when inflating the tires.

Speed– It is also important to choose a pump that doesn’t remove air from the tire when connecting it. You should also ensure that it pumps enough air without taking too much time.

Pressure gauge– The pressure gauge should be easy to read and should also be accurate. Also, check the location of the gauge to ensure that you can easily read it when inflating the tires.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I inflate my bike tires?

As compared to wide tires, narrow tires require more air. Proper tire pressure enables the bike to roll smoothly.

Are there different types of bike pumps?

There are two major types of bike pumps which include Presta and Schrader. Presta valves allow higher air pressure as compared to the Schrader valves. This means that they are easier to inflate. On the other hand, Schrader is more robust and they also have a removable core.

What can I use to convert Presta valves to Schrader?

You need to use an adaptor such as the Mobi Lock Brass Presta Valve Adaptor.


When in the market for pumps, some factors have to come into play to make sure you make the right decision based on your preferences.

Since most bikes make use of tubes that use Presta and Schrader valves you should make sure you get pumps that fit with them. This would save you the stress of having to get two different pumps for each tire type.

You also need to consider the pressure range of the pump. Does it meet with the designated PSI of your bike? The normal floor pumps that are used traditionally at home, for instance, can pump as high as 220 PSI. It is very fast and powerful.

There are also frame pumps that don’t need extra mounting. They fit directly into the frame of your tires. The size of your tire and the frame are important during purchase. Check this and make sure they are in line with what you are in the market for.

What sorts of air do you want in your tires, this is also a factor that should count if you are really wary about getting the right pump for your bike.

Getting the appropriate pump for your bike should cause you a headache. With the right parameters and preferences, you are right on your way to securing the best pumps for your use.

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