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Bike riding is one of the most enjoyable activities but the problem comes when you have a kid and you still want to enjoy this activity. If you are searching for a convenient way to carry your kids when cycling, nothing beats the convenience of a bike trailer. A bike trailer is a wheeled unit which is attached to a bike. You can use it to carry your kids, loads or pets when cycling.

However, unlike some few years ago, today’s market for these units have really grown. You will find that new models are being introduced into the market every day and established brands have been adding different features to improve their existing models. This means that finding the best is really a challenge. To make your work easier, we have reviewed the top 4 bike trailers that will give you excellent value for your money.

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Top 4 Bike Trailers on the Market


Schwinn Trailblazer Single Bike

Schwinn Trailblazer Bike is one of the best options for those who have a limited storage space. It comes with a folding frame plus the quick release wheels which also makes it a great unit for family trips. Apart from that, it is easy to attach on any bicycle for versatility. The two in one canopy also features a bug screen plus a weather shield which protects your kid from sun or rain. The unit is also equipped with 16-inch air filled tires which enables it to roll smoothly. It also comes with adjustable straps which secures our child.

Easy to set up
Very strong
Long lasting
Seat belt is very comfortable
Flimsy straps

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Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer is equipped with extra large front and side windows which gives your little one a great view. It also has a rear parking brake that allows you to park it even when the unit is in stroller mode. The rear storage pockets enable you to carry different items. Again, you will find two additional interior pockets which are situated inside the cabin trailer. With this unit, you do not have to worry about your child’s safety because it has well-padded 5-point safety harness which secures your kid. It is made of a rugged steel to enhance durability.

Allows you to carry up to 2 kids with a maximum weight of 100 lbs
20 inch low resistant rear wheels
Extra large windows
5-point safety harness
Poor ventilation

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Instep Quick- N-EZ Double Set Foldable Tow Behind Bike Trailers

Instep Quick N-EZ is among the top rated bike strollers that is build to protect your kid from environmental elements. It is a two in one canopy which features a weather shield plus a bug screen. Additionally, it has a foldable frame design for easier storage. The good thing about is that you can easily attach it on different bikes. It is also equipped with 19-oinch pneumatic tires and molded rims to enhance performance. However, it has a limited weight capacity of 80 pounds. Another thing is that it is easy to convert to a stroller which makes it a great option for vacations.

Easy to convert into a stroller
Easy to attach
1-year warranty
Wheels could be stronger

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Instep Single Seat and Double Seat Foldable Tow Behind Bike Trailers

This one is among the most budget friendly bike trailers you will ever find. It is equipped with 16-inch air filled tires which has molded rims to enhance performance.  The easy folding design and the quick release wheels make it easy to assemble. It is also equipped with a bug screen plus a canopy. A weather shield and rear vent window is also included. Unlike others, it comes with a universal bike coupler which makes it compatible with all bikes. Also note that it has a maximum weight limit of 40 pounds.

Versatile bike coupler makes it easy to attach to many bikes
Collapsible design
Easy to pull
Affordable price
Dangerous strap system

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Key Things to Consider When Buying a Bike trailer for Your Kid

  1. Dimensions

The first thing you need to check is the space available and the space you require for your kid. For example, if you have two kids, you should consider a double bike trailer. However, if it is for only one kid, then a single bike trailer will be great.  Ensure that it is wide enough to guarantee comfort of your kids. A double trailer will also be great if you are planning to carry more gears.

  1. Safety features

Your kid’s safety comes first when it comes to baby trailers. You need to check different safety features like a 5-point harness which secures your kid tightly from all angles. When using the bike trailer on road, you need to use a bright cloth in the unit which will allow other road users to notice you. The best bike trailer should also have reflectors on the wheels, on the front and at the back.

  1. Storage

Even if you have a limited space, you do not have to worry because bike trailers have a foldable design. As a result, they are very easy store.

  1. Weather shields

At times, the weather can be very unpredictable. When buying, you need to consider a unit that comes with several outer covers. It should have a rain cover, bug net or a sunshade. Bug nets and sunshades are suitable during the summer while rain covers are the best during wet conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can a child go in a bike trailer?

The best time to put kids in a bike trailer is when they can support their heads without any assistance. If your kid has attained the age of 12-18months, you can consider using a bike trailer.

Are bike trailers safe for kids?

The good thing about these units is that they do not tip over easily which means that they are very safe. However, you need to be very careful when riding on the road because these units are likely to be overlooked by motorists since they are a bit low.

How do I clean a bike trailer?

When cleaning a bike trailer, you should use water and mild soap. Rinse off the connection point and the wheels to remove dirt. You can also scrub the fabric lightly to remove any stains or spots.

Should kids use a helmet when in a bike trailer?

If you have a good trailer, a helmet will not be necessary because these units are very safe. Look for a unit with roll over protection or safety belt.

Why Should You Buy A Bike Trailer?

Some of the benefits of using a bike trailer are;

Safety– Any time you are carrying your kid with a bike trailer, you are always assured of their safety. Most of them come with harness and barriers that secures your kid firmly on the seat. They also have a low profile which makes them hard to tip over.

Stability– The first thing you will love about bike trailers is that they come with two wheels which gives them the required stability when carrying your kids.

Detachable– Bike trailers have a foldable design which makes them easy transport and store.

Space– Another benefit of these units is that most of them are spacious which means that your kid can use toys when in the bike trailer.

Price– Bike trailers are available in different prices to suit your budget. This means that you do not need to spend a lot of money to get a good unit. They are also easy to use.


Maintenance Tips for Bike Trailers

Always ensure that the tires are inflated to enhance stability. They should also be secured firmly on the trailer.

When it is foggy or rainy, ensure that the lights are on.

Check the weight limit to ensure that the trailer is the best for your kid.

Ensure that all the hardware and other accessories are in good condition.

Clean it from time to time using mild soap and water.



Bike trailers are very convenient for parents who would like to carry their kids when cycling.  The good thing about them is that they are very safe and comfortable for your kid. All you need to do is to ensure that your kid has attained the right age of using them. We understand that these products today they are so many on the market and finding the best is a real challenged. Due to this, we tried to compare as many products as possible to come up with the above products.  Our research was based on comfort, safety, price and size of the unit. The four products we have reviewed have the most important features you should

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