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Retrospec Koda
RoyalBaby kids bike

Looking for a BMX bike for your 6-year-old?

We’ve got you covered. I’ve gone through everything you need to know about finding the best BMX bikes for 6-year-olds so you can introduce your kid to the great outdoors by getting them their very own BMX bike.

With so many retailers selling BMX bikes for kids, not all of them have the quality you need to keep your child safe when out and about on their bike. Whatever your budget, you don’t want a BMX bike that will crumble as soon your kid drops it.

Don’t worry though.

I’ve searched the web and only included the very best BMX bikes for 6-year-old girl or boys, that meet your budget and specifications for strong, durable materials, the right size, comfortable and that will give them to confidence to cycle.

You’re going to love every one of these BMX bikes for 6-year-olds on my list, but if your boy loves a cool bike just as much as I do, then check out number 5 for a bike that will stand out.

Word of advice- If your kid is younger or not very confident yet on two wheels, grab a BMX that comes with training wheels. You can always remove them when he no longer needs them but it will give him the boost of confidence he needs at first.

Scroll down to find the best BMX bikes for kids that are guaranteed to keep your kid outdoors.

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Best BMX bike for 6 year old

Mongoose Legion boy’s freestyle

If you want a BMX bike that is stylish and appropriate for beginner level, the Mongoose has it all.

Mongoose brings you a very stylish and modern looking BMX bike that has a wild orange color scheme going on a grey background. Even the wheels have an orange outline to match the rest of the body. Made of Hi-tensile steel, it not only scores high in aesthetics but is also super robust and durable.

The bike has 16inch tires which are perfect for a 6 year old. These tires also have a good grip on the road and also come with retractable training wheels to help your kid learn how to cycle. No need to worry about any bumps along the road either as it comes with shockproof and maximum firmness.

You might be wondering.

This BMX is ideal for a six-year-old, it has removable brake mounts, and a 20.25-inch top tube length. With the alloy two-piece stem and a two-piece handlebar for proper support, your kid can ride in confidence and not worry about durability at all, so you can have peace of mind.

The durable L20 drive train has 170mm one-piece forged steel cranks with a 25T alloy chainring and American loose ball bottom bracket, so you can be confident your kid is getting the real deal.

What could be better than this?

  • Steel frame
  • Threadless sealed integrated headset
  • Steel cranks and 25 T alloy chainring
  • Front axle
  • Assembly manual slightly confusing
Latest deal: Mongoose Legion boy’s freestyle

Retrospec Koda

You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Retrospec brings you a sleek-looking BMX bike for your kid. The baby blue and orange tone makes the bike look simple yet fun. Not only does the cuter stickers make the bike look amazing but the bike also comes with training wheels attached which are always helpful if your kid is still learning how to ride properly.

The tires are wide, large 16inch and have a good grip on the road perfect for all weather conditions. A heavy-duty steel frame with a low profile easty step over allows for good durability and strength so your 6 year old can use it again and again.

What else?

The saddle is also padded so your kid will be in the utmost comfort even on longer rides. As well as this the bike has tall handlebars to get the front wheel off the ground easily, perfect for transporting in and out of the car or helping your kid over a bump.

You’ll definitely notice the difference between other low-quality bikes and the Retrospec. This BMX bike has everything your kid needs to have fun from the get-go and to give you the confidence that it is a worthwhile investment.

Don’t take it from me, click on the link for more information!

  • BB88 bottom bracket
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power
  • Offers good traction and grip with Kendra tires
  • Speedy, agile and responsive
  • None so far
Latest deal: Retrospec Koda

RoyalBaby kids bike

Hear me out on this one.

RoyalBaby brings you options when it comes to colors in a BMX bike. The bike has options to choose from such as blue, pink, green, and white so your 6-year-old boy or girl will just love it.

It’s all in the details with the Royalbaby. The bike has front and rear mud guards installed that protect your kid from getting dirty even while riding in muddy puddles and also looks cool at the same time.

You’re going to love this part.

The bike is easy to assemble and comes to you 95% assembled already so it is hassle-free and much less headache for you. It has both front and rear brakes as well for precise and accurate stops.

My favorite bit? It also has a bottle mount and a bell is also included. Overall the frame is sturdy as well and the seats are padded to give your kid the best possible riding experience every time.

I personally recommend this one.

  • Ideal for adults and children
  • Affordable price tag
  • Aluminum frame and fork
  • Agile and speedy
  • May require assembly
Latest deal: RoyalBaby kids bike


The Joystar NEO is awesome for six-year-old kids.

This kids BMX bike is great for smoothing out the bumps along the road with a high tensile steel frame that will absorb the shocks from riding. It’s perfect if your child needs some extra stability as well as it comes with training wheels as well as rubber off-road tires for better grip on the road.

The Joystar has safety as its primary function, with a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake so your child can learn to use both and always be in full control when they need to stop. Not only can you relax knowing they’re in safe hands, it’s good for those younger kids still learning.

But that’s not all.

If you’re looking for the best value for money and some fun color choices for your six-year-old, the Joystar NEO can’t be beaten. It’s also very simple to use and maintain, with a single-speed drivetrain that will have your child up to speed as soon as they start pedaling, and black tires for a smooth ride.

For a 16 inch bike, it’s ideal for 4 to 7-year-olds, so you have room to grow. I love that it also has details such as a full covered chainguard for that extra security when your child uses it.

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  • Sealed bearings to save lubrication costs
  • Long top tube to suit tall people
  • CrMo frame, forks, and bars for durability and sturdiness
  • Broad, smooth saddle for comfort
  • Quite pricey but still an affordable option
Latest deal: JOYSTAR NEO Kids Bike

Dynacraft hot wheels boys

If your kid will only ride a cool bike, check this one out.

Dynacraft brings you a loaded bike with a wild yellow, blue and black color scheme going out across. This makes the bike stand out and the hot wheels branding makes the bike look unique and different from the rest.

As well as this the Dynacraft has adjustable and removable training wheels that aid in the learning experience for your kid. Front and rear coaster brakes are also available for quick and comfortable stops.

Wait until you hear this.

With a 16 inch frame made of steel, it’s the perfect size for little riders and has the option of purchasing it with a hand brake or a kickstand. The seat is fully adjustable to the height and is padded to make it more comfortable.

Hot wheels themed grips on the handlebars and crank cover is very exciting, but it also has a Rev Grip for extra style points. A very exciting product for all hot wheels fans out there, and it won’t break the bank!

Your kid will thank you for this one.

  • U-brake for smooth stopping
  • Hi-tensile steel tubes for stability and durability
  • Platform low-profile pedals for comfort
  • Stainless steel spokes for prolonged use
  • Not for people on a tight budget
Latest deal: Dynacraft hot wheels boys

Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX

Who said cycling couldn’t be stylish?

If you have a 6 year old girl, she’s going to love the Titan Flower Princess BMX bike. This is one is the full package, with a doll seat, a basket, streamers and ribbons, and training wheels for safety.

The pink, girly theme is guaranteed to be a hit with your little one. With a white and pink 16 inch steel frame and 16 inch tube tires with spoke wheels, it’s a comfortable height and durable enough to handle everything on the ride.

And that’s not all.

She can even bring her favorite doll along with her on the ride in the backseat. It’s a fun way to introduce cycling to your kid. The basket is also very convenient to carry a water bottle, some snacks or toys to make every ride a fun adventure for her.

I love that this bike is not only fun but safe. It has a white chain guard to protect your little one and a flower design on the crank. How can we forget the purple tires? With a bike like that your little one will want to use it everyday.

Click on the link and check out the reviews!

  • Hi-tensile steel frame to support heavier individuals
  • Super low saddle for effortless on and off
  • Faux leather seat for comfort
  • 25t steel sprocket for smoother rides and longevity
  • You can’t return it using the local return services.
Latest deal: Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX

Looking for more of the best boys kids bikes?

We’ve put an in-depth guide together for that.

We have looked over 20 boys’ bikes to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. We looked at frames, safety, weight, and wheel size to make sure we’ve found the greatest products available to buy – you can see the full guide here which will be more relevant than the one you’re reading now.

Best BMX Bikes for 6 year old kids

What is a BMX bike?

A BMX bike is good for racing, doing anything freestyle and even stunts or dirt racing.

Although your child is unlikely to do these things if they’re young, they can still enjoy the lightweight frame, the quick speed they can pedal, and using it all round without fear of it breaking easily.

They’re great for going to school and back or for family bike rides to the park. Even as your child grows older, starting off on a BMX bike can really open their eyes to the cool world of BMX bikes that they can enjoy more fully when they’re older.

Types of BMX biking

Flatland Bmxing– This is a form of freestyle riding that is done on smooth flat ground without ramps or jumps. It combines breakdancing on your bike, performing tricks without jumps.

Ramp/skate park bmxing– This is where you bring your BMX to the skatepark where there are ramps. Popular amongst older kids, you can do stunts and tricks in the air thanks to the ramps there.

Street riding-Street riders go in public spaces to perform tricks. They often use curbs, handrails, stairs and ledges or obstacles to perform tricks in ordinary surroundings. BMX

Racing– Kind of like the name, BMX racing involves competing with other BMX riders in a race. You can do this at a casual level amongst friends or compete in championships.

Dirt jumping– This has to do with riding over shaped mounds of dirt or soil that act like ramps to project you into the air so you can do tricks and stunts. They often use mountain bikes or BMX bikes.

What to look for when buying BMX for a 6 year old?

Quality – A good quality ride will help see you through many years without having to change it. Make sure the bike has a good quality frame which provides support to the body, and that the tires have a good grip and the pedals do not go off easily.

Comfort – Children have a rapidly changing and developing body, especially around the age of 6. If they do not have a proper posture while sitting on the bike, they can develop back pains and injuries. The saddles and positioning of the handlebars play a very crucial role in this. Make sure the saddle is soft, comfortable and height adjustable. A higher handlebar helps in keeping the back straight.

Tires- Tire size varies with the size of the BMX bike, but need to handle both dirt and pavement. Tires usually around a 16 inch diameter are great for kids. Also, a wide tire with good grip and one that does not go flat easily is a good way to go. The tread needs to provide speed and traction especially when you’re cornering and speeding up. If you go for higher pressure premium tires, you can lower rolling resistance and increase rim protection.

Training wheels – So many parents do not pay attention to training wheels. There are so many kids on the road riding without training wheels and getting into accidents. Training wheels can help your kid get acquainted with the style of riding that best fits them. And you can always remove them later. Better ride safe than feeling sorry later.

Top tube length– Riding a BMX as a child, you need to ensure that it’s the correct size for them. For a child aged 5 to 7, its recommended that you stick to an 18 inch top tube length for their height. If this is too long or short, then your child can have a bad posture and struggle to reach the handlebars comfortably.

Weight- Weight can be a tricky one, because you want it to be light so your child can pedal easily on it and you can pick it up easily, but not too light that it affects the strength. Most BMX bikes are made to be lightweight so you can pull off stunts, but the steel construction adds the necessary strength.

Go for a stronger frame even if it means added weight, the weight won’t bother you when it comes to doing tricks. you can also modify other parts such as the seat to remove extra weight

Frame material- Most BMX bikes are either have a steel or aluminum frame, specifically Chromoly. Although mountain bikes and road bikes will often have an aluminum frame, you’ll find that a lot more BMX are made from steel instead.

The advantage to steel BMX frame is its strength. Sure, it might add a little weight, but when your kid is flying through the air doing a flip at the skateboard park and street, what they really need is a bike that won’t crumple from the fall. That’s what we call impact resistance.

An aluminum frame may have a lower weight, but it doesn’t have the resilience to crash damage that steel has, meaning it’s more likely to deform and bend if you do tricks on it. Plus, when it comes to repairing your bike from a crash, an aluminum frame is much more costly.

Cranks- Most BMX bikes have a 170mm size cranks, but it all depends on your preference. Shorter is great for street or flatland, but if you count on doing jumping and racing, then longer cranks work even better.

Brakes- BMX bikes for kids can sometimes have more than one type of brakes. You will often find caliper brakes, and even coaster brakes. Although BMX bikes usually have one set of brakes only, for kids BMX bikes they will include a hand brake and a foot brake so your child can learn both and be extra safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is best for BMX bikes?The best time to start cycling is around 3 to 4 years of age. It depends on the rider and the parents, but the earlier you introduce your child to the world of BMX biking, the more confident your child will be growing up and will likely find it easier to experiment in the different categories of BMX freestyling. As long as you buy a BMX bike that fits them, there is no age really to start BMX biking.

Are BMX bikes for kids?Predominantly, BMX bikes are designed for racing, but you can get it for your kid as a hobby for casual riding. Lots of kids love to take their BMX to the local skate park and it can be a fun way to get outdoors and do a physical activity.

What is the best tire size for a 6 year old?Best tire size for a 6 year old is 16inches. It mostly depends on the size of bike you get and the height of your child, but tires are easy to change and you can go bigger or smaller.

What size BMX is best for a 6 year old?

BMX bikes come in a range of sizes, but for the ages of 5-7 the best bike frame size is 14-16 inches. This will ensure they have a good sitting posture and can reach both the handlebars and the pedals comfortably. It even leaves a bit of room to grow so don’t worry about having to replace it too often, especially if you get a BMX bike with adjustable seat or handlebars, your child should have no problem finding a bike that fits. 

Final Thoughts

Once your kid gets started into the world of BMX bikes, they’ll never want to leave.

Nevertheless, finding a good quality bike that fits your 6 year old can still be a challenge, especially with the amount of cheaply made bikes out there.

The bikes we looked at today did an amazing job at providing quality for the price. All bikes had a good build and a strong crank. Some had different color options to choose from, some had special collaboration themes like hot wheels and some had pegs on the front wheel.

All bikes had training wheels which is important for your child’s training and safety. They also had comfortable saddles and good height on the handlebars as well.

Whichever bike you choose, you will not be disappointed. Let your kid indulge into the world of BMX at an early age, you won’t regret it.

Which one on this list are you buying?