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As the passion for cycling grows, people are always looking for ways that can make them travel faster, farther, and with less effort. This is the reason electric bikes have gained so much popularity in the last three years. While they are more expensive, they might cut down costs for you in terms of travelling since they are so efficient while still giving you the thrill of riding a bicycle. People often mistake electric bikes for being extremely differently from normal bicycles, but they look and feel the same other than an electric motor which can assist you in pedalling. For those interested, we have listed down some of the best options among electric bikes below.

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Best Electric Bikes


Ribble CGR AL e

The Ribble CGR AL e is designed for versatility, especially for an electric bike. Along with being a fast option for on-road biking, it still offers a smooth ride off-road along with a very controlled power assistance system. The battery has been made very light and hidden in the frames which reduces drag and means it cannot be distinguished from a regular bike. Along with stable geometry, its steering is nimble but not as nimble as road bikes to offer control. It also comes with Ribble’s customizability and attached mudguards and rackmounts to assist you in off-road biking. This brand also makes it into the top choices in this list here.


  • 2’’ wheel clearance
  • Ribble offers customization
  • Comfortable for long journeys
  • Great battery life


  • Relatively heavy

Latest deal: Ribble CGR AL e


Powerfly Police Electric

This bike, true to its name, has been designed for the workers of law enforcement. Thus, it can maintain speeds up to 28 miles per hour thanks to a powerful 500 Wh Bosch motor. Its alloy frame makes it extremely durable and the Rockshox fork provides a smooth ride by absorbing bumps on surfaces. It comes with an attached touch screen monitor to display speed, battery as well as the option of choosing motor assistance. It also aids police workers, but also other riders for long rides by including rack mounts, wider dropouts, a performance cruise motor for multiple terrains and a G2 geometry which aids control as well as stability.


  • Seat post collar is quick release
  • Great battery life
  • Can maintain 28 miles per hour
  • Designed to ease long rides


  • Relatively heavy

Latest deal: Powerfly Police Electric


Felt Redemption-e 30 (2017) Mountain Bike

Even though this bike is a little older, it has aged extremely well. This is the first electric MTB in the list, meaning it is designed for you to take to any terrain you want thanks to its enduring 150 mm Pike fork. The 1×11 drivetrain will allow you to reliable gear shifting as you go through the mountains. The Bosch drive unit has a cruise and a speed variant which can assist speeds up to 25 or 45 km per hour respectively. It features a comfortable saddle, a micro-adjust seat post and aluminium handlebars and stem.


  • Smooth gear shifting
  • Powerful braking system
  • Can endure pretty much all terrains
  • Bosch Drive unit can maintain high speeds


  • Relatively expensive for an older model

Latest deal: Felt Redemption-e 30 (2017) Mountain Bike


Vitus E-Escarpe VRS E-Bike (XT 1x12 - 2020)

Vitus brings you an electric MTB which you can buy without worries if you want a bike to help you soar through the mountains. Its Shimano E8000 STEPS motor system provides extremely efficient assistance in pedalling while also helping you conserve your energy. It consists of a 140mm fork as well as an effective rear shock to help you glide over bumps. It also has a Shimano 12 speed drivetrain and powerful hydraulic SRAM guide RE brakes which are designed specifically for electric bikes. For your adventures everyday it has fast charging which takes you to 80 percent in two hours.


  • Strong Braking
  • Very reliable company
  • Fast Charging
  • Internal Battery


  • Slower on city roads than some other electric bikes in the same range

Latest deal: Vitus E-Escarpe VRS E-Bike (XT 1×12 – 2020)


Colnago EGRV Disc Gravel E-Bike (2020)

If you live in close proximity to gravel roads this might be one of the best bikes for you. While most electric bikes have to shift their geometry to accommodate the battery, Colnago has avoided that with the EGRV, giving you the standard geometry of a traditional gravel bike. It also has larger 40c tires with further clearance in case you want a larger one. Its Ultegra 11 speed Drivetrain is extremely silent and efficient especially for steep slopes and can assist you up to 20 mph. It also comes with an additional 280 Wh battery mount which doubles the battery time, WTB Riddler tyres to provide the grip and stability you need on gravel.


  • Ample tyre clearance
  • Minimum chain slap
  • Efficient gearing for steep climbs or descents
  • Nimble handling for a gravel bike


  • A little lesser battery time if you do not apply the mount

Latest deal: Colnago EGRV Disc Gravel E-Bike (2020)


Vitus E-Sommet VR E-Bike (SX Eagle 1x12 - 2020)

Another bike from the Vitus range which received a lot of hype, the E-Sommet VR is an award-winning mountain bike designed for the trickiest terrains. Powered by the Shimano E7000 motor, it has three modes of assistance so you can change the intensity of your ride at will. It is equipped with a 170mm stable fork and DPX2 Performance rear shock to effectively smooth out your ride in the mountains. For control, it features an SRAM Guide RE braking system and wider MaxGrip tyres to give you the confidence you need on steep descents.


  • Extremely smooth ride
  • Long lasting battery
  • Three assistance modes for all terrains
  • Vitus gives great customer service


  • Outdated battery location

Latest deal: Vitus E-Sommet VR E-Bike (SX Eagle 1×12 – 2020)


Eahora AM100

Another electric MTB, this bike is one of the cheaper options for an electric ride, yet it does not sacrifice that much on quality. It has an enduring aluminum alloy frame, and an airfront suspension fork to carry you through uneven terrain without worry. It also features a 350 W motor which can reach speeds up to 28 mph and three modes which can last from 45 to 80 miles depending on usage along with an E-PAS system which can extend the battery further. It has a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain, strong hydraulic brakes, adjustable air suspension and a telescoping system for comfort and control in your adventures.


  • Adjustable air suspension
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable handles and saddle


  • Requires a lot of mechanical maintenance so not great for beginners

Latest deal: Eahora AM100


SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB7 Series Aluminum Folding Ebike

This is one of the most unique bikes you will find on the market. Its bread and butter is in its convenience and stylish looks. It’s 16.8 kg and foldable which makes it extremely portable meaning you can take it up stairs without any hassle. However, it still has a powerful motor to help you ride through slopes and at speeds up to 15.5 mph. For your safety, it also features a special autoguard technology for immediate stopping. It is not a racing bike or a mountain bike but will easily carry you from one place to another in style and is very easy to maintain.


  • Extremely portable
  • Cheap
  • Long batt
  • Great for commuters and leisure riders


  • Pedaling extremely slow without battery

Latest deal: SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB7 

Best Electric Bikes Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying an Electric Bike?

Price: Electric Bike prices vary a lot depending on their purposes. For cheaper rates you can find bikes that will work for commute. As the prices go up you move to MTBs, hybrids, gravel bikes and finally road bikes. We will not recommend the far end bikes unless you plan to go on extremely rough terrain or compete professionally.

Quality: The reason we buy an electric bike is for assistance pedalling which means the motor and battery are the most important components of quality. Luckily, a lot of reliable companies have produced electric bikes, so you need not worry about false advertising if you buy from them. The rest depends on the purpose you are buying the bike for so e.g if you are buying an MTB make sure it has at least similar features to a traditional MTB.

Ratings: As always, ratings are extremely important in buying anything. For electric bikes focus particularly on the battery time, how much maintenance there needs to be done, and whether the assistance provided is consistent despite the battery time. A lot of professionals have reviewed the higher end bikes as well in case you are confused which one to buy.

Frequently asked Questions

Why would I need an electric bike?
Essentially, an electric bike is the same as a regular bike. However, it will provide you with assistance in pedalling which can be extremely useful for longer rides or if you do not want to expend as much energy in cycling or want to ride for leisure.

How fast are electric bikes?
Most electric bikes can maintain speeds up to 20 mph. However, this can go up to 28 mph and sometimes even beyond for some bikes if you put enough effort.

How far can ebikes go?
This depends on the bike you buy and conditions you are driving in. Usually the limit goes up with price. However, most will comfortably last twenty miles, but it can go up to a hundred miles.

How long does it take for the battery to charge?
This also depends on your model, but most batteries take three to six hours to completely charge. Some bikes on this list can charge faster than that.

How much does one charge cost?
Again, this depends on where you live but usually will cost 0.03 to 0.1 dollars for a complete charge.


This guide went through a lot of electric bikes. What is important to remember is these bikes are extremely diverse and can fit any purpose you want. Other than a motor which assists pedalling, they are the same as traditional bikes and in some cases can even exceed their performance. They started out with a unique niche in the market but have spread extremely fast in popularity and we are sure you can find an electric bike for yourself. We hope that your decision is a smart one and allows you fast, long and leisurely riding with your fellow bikers.

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