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Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5
Tommaso Siena Disc Adventure Bike
Schwinn Vantage Mens/Women Hybrid Road Bike

When it comes down to taming the most rugged terrains in style, there’s nothing better than a fat bike; the grippy tires offer just the right level of traction, grip, and comfort– but have you ever considered buying an electric fat bike?

Well, if so, then good news! I have the list for you. 

Electric bikes have taken the world by storm, they just started with being an eco-friendly replacement for mo-peds on the road, but now they’re so much more. There were strict laws around using electric bikes, but now they’ve begun to ease– this is when the excitement begins. 

There are now hundreds of different types of electric bikes around the globe, from electric commuter bikes, electric mountain bikes to electric fat bikes, and I never realized how much more fun it was to shred the technical trails on an electric bike up for the job!

There ain’t no mountain high enough!

When shredding the trail, an electric fat tire mountain bike is ready for it all, no more daunting climbs to reach those thrilling descents. Plus, you can tame snow, sand, and uneven mud like it’s nothing!

These extra-wide tires of electric fat-tire bikes offer insane levels of boost and rollover capability, which makes any ol’ trail that much more adrenaline enduring! I have spent hours researching and finding my top picks of the best electric fat bikes on the market. 

If you want the best option, then take a look at my top pick; it’s everything you’ll ever want.

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Best Fat Tire Electric Bike

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5

best fat tire electric bike under $2000

Coming up in first place is this brilliant fat tire bike by RadPower Bikes; it is a real hidden gem for the price point. The RadRover 5 seamlessly blends rugged capabilities and exceptional comfort.

With 4″ fat tires and a reputation of stability, the RadRover 5 is brilliant for all kinds of off-road adventures; the weekend spins around the cul de sac. It has been rated the best electric fat bike of 2021!

Plus, it is one of the best-selling electric fat bikes in America!

Made with puncture-resistant tires made from a layer of aramid and ceramic particles inside the tire under the tread. The Kendra k-shield integrated tire liner adds a line of defense. These tires provide extra protection against punctures from thorns and rubble. 

The 7-speed, 11-34 tooth freewheel offers a wider range of gearing at your disposal, means more torque for treacherous uphill climbs, and maintains pedal authority at top speed. You’ll have gear for all kinds of terrain. 

The RadRover 5 comes with a front suspension fork with 80mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout in terms of shock absorption. The throttle also offers 750w of power-on-demand and 8-Nm of torque, making it brilliant for conquering rugged, loose terrain and steep climbs.  

But wait, here’s the kicker. 

The words ‘comfort’ and ‘fun’ hardly ever go hand in hand, but the Rad Rove manages to check off all those boxes with complete ease; it is a quality and hidden gem for the price point. With over 3000 glowing happy reviews from customers, you can’t beat it! 

  • 7-speed 11-34 tooth freewheel
  • Suspension fork with 80mm of travel
  • Hydraulic disc brakes and puncture-resistant tires
  • Affordable price point
  • None
Latest deal: ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

Tommaso Siena Disc Adventure Bike

Now I know what your first thought will be about this electric fat tire price, and it’s probably along the lines of  “Wow, that’s quite a steep price,” but hear me out on this one…

If you’re a rugged trail shredder and looking for a fat tire bike to accompany you on even the most technical, wild trail rides, then the Jeep E-Bike is the most capable, advanced, and all the best electric fat bike for the job– it is an investment, but it’s worth every buck. 

QuietKat has developed in partnership with the most renowned and iconic off-road brand on the planet. It is a worthy consideration for any serious trail ripper. 

With the highest quality components and advanced technology, you’ll find on the market that will take your riding to a whole other planet!

For starters, the advanced torque sensor motor system can deliver either 750W or 1000W of nominal power with a peak output of a whopping 1500W. Plus paired with a wide 9-speed drivetrain and 11-42T cassette for the most daring climbs on the steepest of hills. 

hThis drivetrain paired with 4-Piston Tekto brakes offers maximum control and confidence in braking power no matter what the mountain throws at you and how steep the descent is!

Sounds pretty cool so far, right?

Well, comfort and vibration dampening is what this bike does best with the full suspension frame and inverted suspension fork, which is designed to maximize traction and comfort when the impossibly rugged trail gets rough.

This Fire-Link Suspension system is capable and fierce.

The whopping 4.8″ fat tires are some of the largest tires you’ll find on the market. They’re built to tackle the most advanced, technical off-road terrain, with maximum traction in soft sand, snow, and rocky mountainsides. 

This bike can go up to 40 miles on a single charge which is pretty impressive for a rugged electric mountain bike. In terms of class, it would be c classified as a class 1 or 2 model that is legal under federal law. 

Still not entirely convinced by the price? Well, maybe the glowing reviews will convince you!

  • 750W, 1000W or 1500W motor
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • QuietKat air fork and RockShox RL suspension
  • Ideal for rugged terrain
  • None
Latest deal: QuietKat Jeep E-Bike

Aventon Adventure Electric Bike

Next up in the number three spot is this brilliant adventure fat bike by Aventon; it is a more budget-friendly option over the brilliant Jeep E-Bike but still a strong competitor in my list. 

As beautifully elegant as it is rugged, the Adventure Electric Bike is the most powerful and versatile collection. 

With a front suspension fork, fat tires, and exceptional handling, you are guaranteed that you’ll be getting the most comfortable wherever the mountain takes you and wherever the trail calls, absorbing 80mm of travel. Hence, every ride is a smooth ride. 

You can take this electric bike wherever the mountain takes you with the knowledge that  you’re protected the elements underneath your tires with the 

Take your ebike anywhere safe in the knowledge that you’re protected from the elements underneath your tires with built-in fenders.

Talking about safety on the mountainside, this bike is also built with integrated lights for enhanced visibility. You can mountain bike at night if you’d like to! So you’ll never have to worry about the battery on these lights dying ever again.

As if that was enough, here’s more!

The powerful 750w motor is coupled with the 720Wh high capacity integrated battery; this combination will take you further and allow you to ride for longer, so no mountain adventure is impossible. 

What I love about this bike are the sleek design, the color combinations, and the backlit LCD display. The intuitive color display shows your speed, battery charge, pedal-assist levels, distance traveled, all in a straightforward design. You can even sync it to the Aventon app to share with friends!

While Aventon ships a Class II e-bike, it can be converted to a Class III bike, but before you take this plunge, make sure you check the laws and regulations around electric bikes in your state. All in all, this budget-friendly option is brilliant!h

  • 750W motor with 45 mile range
  • Front suspension fork with 80mm travel
  • Smooth-rolling 4″ fat tires
  • Integrated bike lights
  • None
Latest deal: Aventon Adventure Electric Bike

Lectric E-Bikes XP Step-Thru 2.0

best fat tire folding electric bike

Next up, another brilliant budget-friendly option; ever thought about getting a folding electric fat bike? Besides being excellent fun down the trails, folding electric fat bikes are easy to transport, store and offer a good level of security.

Plus, they get bonus points for being more affordable than any other electric bike on the market. 

So let’s talk more about this brilliant folding electric bike by Lectric. The XP Step-Thru 2.0 has a glowing 4.9/5 rating on their website, with hundreds of happy customers stating that this bike is the ‘best value e-bike on the market,’ and it truly is a real bang for your buck. 

The XP Step-Thru 2.0 breaks down every barrier to adventure, combining all the award-winning benefits of their previous model, the ‘Flagship XP 2.0’, for ultimate accessibility and comfort. 

This bike is ideal for all mobility levels, so you’ll never have to worry about your age getting you down when it comes to a fun ride. 

The XP Step-Thru 2.0 even delivers the speed and sustainability to own the road either as a class 1, 2, or 3 e-bikes– depending on your state’s laws and regulations around electric bikes. 

This bike is equipped with fat tires as well as a front fork suspension, so you can take this bad boy on all kinds of terrain, far further than where the beaten track will take you. Plus, with IP-65 rated electrical components that offer greater dust and water resistance, you can conquer all elements and all terrains. 

But let’s talk about the battery life and assist this awesome e-bike offers.

For starters, the XP 2.0 offers a 500W and 800+ peak geared rear hub, which offers 5 pedal assist levels, so this bike offers both class 2 and class 3 capabilities. The battery will also last you a whopping 45+miles with only a 5-6 hour charging time. 

This compact, handy folding bike is a budget-friendly option you’ve been dreaming of. It is the perfect combination of price, performance, and features. Plus, Lectric cares for their customers and offer high-quality components you can rely on. 

Whether you want to take on the white and blue design or the sleek black and blue design, you will be sure to be riding in style. 

  • Fast, agile, and lightweight
  • Foldable design for easy storing and transporting
  • 45+ miles battery life
  • Can be classed as type 1, 2 or 3 e-bike
  • No real disadvantage yet
Latest deal: Lectric E-Bikes XP Step-Thru 2.0

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

Coming in last but certainly, not least is this brilliant budget-friendly option from Ecotric on Amazon. If you’re an entry-level rider and don’t want to spend thousands on an electric bike, then this is an ideal option for you.

Beach, snow, rocky trails, there’s nothing this 26″ fat-tire bike can’t handle. These fat tires provide good grip and brilliant shock absorption and traction when taming the rugged terrain.

This bike is ready to hit the ground running.

What I love about this fat tire electric bike by Ecotric is that it offers both a pedal assist and walk-assist mode, so no more lugging this bad boy back to the car after a fun-packed ride.

The 500W rear motor provides a good power level to this electric bike, especially considering the price. With pedal assistance up to 23mph! Plus, with mechanical disc brakes that will be sure to get you out of trouble, this bike is the full package. 

But that’s not all…

This bike is already preassembled in the box, with manufacturers paying close attention to the detail of each component, with the ergonomic handlebar, adjustable and wear-resistant tires. 

The time and patience have finally paid off; if you were looking for electric bikes last year, they would’ve probably put you out at least a couple of grand, but as they’ve become more available, components have improved, and prices have gone down. 

My only bone to pick with this bike is that the range of miles is pretty low, which is expected in an electric bike at this price; on average, the battery will last you around 15-20 miles which is much lower than the other models. 

For an entry-level rider looking for a recreational fat tire electric bike for an hour or two fun ride, then this is the model for you. 

  • Pedal-assist and walk-assist mode
  • Speed up to 23mph
  • Partially preassembled
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Only does 15-20miles on one battery
Latest deal: ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

Looking for the best entry-level road bike under $1000 instead?

We’ve put an in-depth guide together for that.

We have looked at 30 entry-level road bikes under $1000 to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. We focused on frame, size, brakes, and tires to make sure we’ve found the greatest products available to buy. You can see the full guide here which could be more relevant than the one you’re reading now.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike Of 2021– A Buyer’s Guide:

With electric bikes being the latest craze and the industry booming, it’s fair to say that electric bikes are here to stay! With more and more companies jumping on the electric bike wagon, there are now thousands of different types of electric bikes to choose from. 

While electric bikes were first created to replace mo-peds on the road, they have recently been created for all kinds of riding. Mountain Electric Bikes are the latest trend and, in particular, fat tire electric bikes– and let me tell you, they’re a bundle of fun to ride. 

They went through their trial and error phase in 2021, and the components and quality of bikes have massively improved since. 

There can be many ways for selecting the best fat tire electric bike, such as reviews, ratings, cost, features, and quality. The reviews and ratings of any products or fat tire electric bikes can help you differentiate between the good and the normal ones.

It can help you know the opinions of the people who have experience buying and using that specific bike.

You can consider the above-mentioned products to get a good choice for comparison. You should go for the ones that provide you with reasonable control, safety, speed, and other features. The comparison would make it easy for you to choose the best product for you.

So whether you’re a beginner or an absolute trail shredder, then stay tuned for the ultimate guide as to how to get the best electric fat tire bike for your buck!

What Is A Fat Tire Electric Bike

Fat tire electric bikes have well and indeed taken the world by storm and quickly becoming the most popular styles of electric bikes on the market– and there’s no wonder as to why! They’re designed for the rugged terrain as well as being a bundle of fun!

Fat tire electric bikes have a massive advantage over any other electric mountain bike through having a whopping 4 inch wide fat tires that offer more surface contact with the ground and upmost effective stability and traction, even on the most rugged and uneven terrains.

A fat tire electric bike is an e-bike that features tires at least 4 inches wide; they offer more surface area and contact with the ground over conventional bicycles, making them ideal for the rocky terrain. 

Fat tire electric bikes come in various frame styles and power levels, so they offer a massive amount of versatility, practicability, and excitement for every type of rider.

The extra surface area spreads the weight of you and your bike over a greater area so you can enjoy even speedier propulsion over flat surfaces and tackling hilly terrains like a breeze.

In winter, we see the sight of snow, and it ruins our bike ride plans, but a fat tire mountain bike, electric or not, offers the ultimate traction on these kinds of terrain and these kinds of weather conditions. Fat tires even provide cushion and shock dampening, so every ride is a smooth ride.

The weather, terrain, treacherous climb, or daring descent will never get you down if you’ve got an electric fat bike!

Recurring Features In Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Let’s read out about the recurring features that the electric bikes mentioned above have. Knowing the recurring features and what to look for is the best way to know how to choose an electric bike for you. 

Frame: The frame is a really important factor when getting a fat tire electric bike. All the electric bikes mentioned above in the article have good frame material, making them an excellent choice to observe while getting e-bikes.

There can be many choices for frames of e-bikes that include carbon steel, aluminum, steel, and others.

The best one is carbon steel which is a bit costly too but makes your bike lightweight and provides excellent design. You can go for aluminum, too, as it is cheap and as well as makes the bike lightweight. The steel is the cheapest one and is not considered a good choice for suitable bikes.

However, steel is the heaviest material found in bikes, and the weight can put a toll on the battery range due to the added weight. If you want more of budget-friendly, I would recommend going for an aluminum frame with a carbon suspension fork to help dampen vibrations. 

Speed: The electric bikes have fame for the rate they provide without putting much effort. There can be many speed ranges of different cycles that depend on the motors of the bikes.

Different bikes come with other motors and provide different speed ranges. The e-bikes mentioned above offer a good speed range as they have suitable motors.

Motor Drive: The motor is the heart of an e-bike; it plays a huge role in how your e-bike performs and for the intended use. There are three different types of motors to choose from for a fat tire electric bike: front hub, rear hub, and mid-drive motors, 

Mid-drive motors tend to be housed around the bottom bracket of the e-bike where you’ll find the crank and pedals, it tends to look like a thick cylinder which you would find on a conventional bike. 

These types of motors tend to be the most expensive but deliver the most power and better balance as their central location can offer better balance; they help keep the central gravity low which is a good thing. 

Front or rear hubs still offer a good level of power, but they can add weight to the front or rear of the bike, which is why you tend to find them on cheaper models. 

Motor Power: There is quite a range of power output in electric fat tire bike motors; they tend to range from 500W to 1000W. This motor power is expressed in wattage, and this is how much power the bike provides in pedal-assist mode. 

The majority of electric bikes come with 500W motors, but these are mainly localized across electric road bikes. For mountain bikes and, in particular, fat tire electric mountain bikes, a 750-1000W motor is more ideal as it provides a higher power output to help get you up rocky terrain. 

Battery: The quality of battery you get and battery range per charge improves as you go up in the price range. Before looking at battery ranges per charge, you might want to have a think of how long you like to ride down the trails as. If it’s an hour or two, then a 20-40 mile range will be ideal.

But if you love a fun-packed day down the trail, then a battery range of around 50-100 miles may be more your style as you won’t have to worry about the battery running out midway through your ride. 

A good quality bike battery is crucial when looking for a quality fat tire electric bike. Cheap, poor-quality batteries will only offer a short lifespan, poor weather protection, and shorter charge life. 

For example, the Ecotric bike I reviewed on my list is brilliant on a budget, but it only offers 15-20 miles per battery life, which for some people just isn’t enough!

LG, Samsung, and Panasonic are brilliant brands to look out for when looking for fat tire electric bike batteries. Another feature to look for is the voltage; fat tire e-bikes will either have a 36V or 48V battery, this can impact the overall cost of the bike. 

If you can afford it, I would recommend aiming for a 48V battery; it is far more powerful and of better quality.

Brakes: Electric bikes have come a long way over the years, and so have the brakes that accompany it; most fat tire electric bikes now come with disc brakes on the front and rear wheel– which is ideal for the terrain they are tackling!

There are a few main considerations when looking at the brakes, such as rotor size, pistons, and whether they are mechanical or hydraulic. 

The rotor size effects the stopping ability of the breaks; larger rotors are more ideal, but as the rotor size increases, so does the price. The pistons push the brake pads together onto the brake motor; you’ll find that electric fat bikes come with either 2 or 4 pistons. 

Mechanical disc brakes tend to be more of the budget-friendly option; they use a cable to pull the brake lever closed which hydraulic disc brakes use fluid pressure to keep the caliper closed. They are often found on cars and motorcycles. 

Hydraulic disc brakes offer more braking power for all kinds of weather conditions and terrain, they do come at a higher cost, but with the compromise of safety down the trails, you cannot put a price tag on that. 

Especially as fat tire electric mountain bikes were designed for the rugged terrain. 

Suspension: Now, while fat tires offer a good level of vibration dampening and smoothing the terrain since you’re using these e-bikes for mountain biking, you need to consider having a good level of suspension for comfort, traction, and control. 

Fat tire electric bikes tend to come with at least the front or rear suspension, but if you’re looking to use your bike as a real trail shredder then I would recommend opting for full suspension– it tends to come at a steep price point but it’s worth the money!

It provides you with that little extra comfort, stability, and safety when riding the rugged terrain. 

Knowing how to buy an electric bike for you is super important, you may be looking at the manufacturers website having no idea what the terminology means and that’s fine but knowing how it affects your bike is super important in order to get the very best bang for your buck. Don’t worry I broke it all down in an article for you! 

Frequently asked Questions

The following are some of the questions most people ask about wide tire e-bikes:

Are electric bikes worth the money?
Electric bikes can be cost-effective and can save you money in terms of maintenance and other things. It might cost you more than the normal purchase cost when compared to traditional bicycles, but it would be in-expensive to maintain it.

They’re an investment, to begin with, but they’re far cheaper over time; the cost to recharge an e-bike battery is roughly 12cent, which in comparison to filling up a tank of gas, definitely beats the prices.

But if you want the full breakdown, I broke it down in a simple guide on how much an electric bike costs.

What is a fat tire electric bike?
Fat tire electric bikes come with comically large extra-wide tires. If you have a bike with wide tires, it makes you feel like you’re riding on a cushion of air. Such bikes help you to ride on rugged and traverse terrain such as deep sand and snow.

Want to know more about electric bikes? Check out my guide of everything you need to know about electric bikes here.

Are electric bikes good for hills?
You will need to get a power e-bike if you want to go up any hill as there is a need for a good amount of effort for this. Powered e-bikes can help you to go up hills without putting in much effort and difficulty. It would be an excellent choice to get a power e-bike if you like to travel up hills mostly.

There are some serious benefits of using electric bikes and many reasons why you should buy an electric bike; I run it all down in my full guide if you want to check it out!

How fast can electric fat bikes go?

The speed of electric fat bikes and electric bikes in general all depends on the class of the bike, class three electric bikes can go up to 28mph with pedal assistance, while class 1 and 2 can only get up to around 20-25mph. 

If you want to know how fast electric bikes can go then I broke it down in a full article. 

What is the best fat tire electric bike?

Well this all depends on personal preference, budget, and use. For beginners, I personally love Lectric E-Bikes XP 2.0 they also come on a worthwhile budget with high-quality components that you wouldn’t expect for that price point.

If you’re a real trail ripper then investing in the Jeep E-Bike is worth it! It may come at quite a steep price at first glance but the components, and ruggedness of this bike are worth every penny. 

How do electric bikes work?

An electric bike will have a motor housed typically in the center of the bike (also known as the mid-drive motor), powered through the cranks or on the front of the rear hub.

You can also find hub-based motors which push the wheel directly, and the axle-mounted motor will work through the chain and gears.

When you pedal, a torque sensor will measure how much effort you’re putting in and match that to the motor’s power output. This allows the bike to have a more natural feel and have consistent power delivery without sending the lurching forwards.

The power comes from the battery, which in some designs is mounted on the outside of the frame but most commonly hidden inside to protect the battery. Want to know more about how electric bikes work? Well I broke it down in a complete article. 


Many features matter while getting a wide tire e-bike, such as the speed, control, tires, battery, and much more. You should contact the right one by making a comparison between different products.

The material of the frame of an e-bike can be of great importance as it defines the strength and weight of the bikes. If you go for carbon steel or aluminium, then you would get a bike that is lightweight and would have suitable geometry. You can go to either of these, but carbon steel is the best one, and it is expensive.

The suspension system and fork also play an important role in providing a smooth ride by absorbing the shocks of the bumpy road. If the forks are carbon steel, they would be best, but the aluminium fork can also be a good choice. The speed of the e-bikes depends on the motor used in them.

There can be different speed ranges based on the motor used. The batteries of the e-bike can be removable and come with different charging times. Most e-bikes come with Lithium batteries and provide an excellent range limit for the charged battery. You can observe the e-bikes mentioned above to have an idea about the e-bikes and their different features.

Happy Pedalling!

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