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Bontrager Commuter Pedal Set
Race Face Atlas Pedals Orange

The ultimate riding experience is true once your bike has been equipped with high- quality premium gear, such as one of the most crucial items, bike flat pedals. If you are new to the cycling world, then you would not be familiar with the importance of owning a bike with flat pedals. Here our expertise will help you make the right decision for the ultimate riding experience. Flat pedals are way superior to other pedals because they allow the correct positioning of your feet over the pedals, which means no slipping while you pedal. Another benefit of installing a flat pedal is that regardless of the footwear you cycle in, you do not have to worry about positioning it correctly.

Choose the number one pedal, so you have great cycling memories. We have done the hectic research, so you save your time and do not confuse yourself over minor details if you are not used to biking gear shopping. Making the right choices regardless of being a professional or amateur helps you train better and improve stamina. There are tons of flat pedals to choose from the market, but it also depends on personal preference, as some people completely ignore the problem at hand; whereas others want every feature to work cohesively well together. After comparing the best flat pedals for road bikes that are currently available in the market. Here is our take on them.


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Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike

Bontrager Commuter Pedal Set

Bontrager Commuter pedals are unique from other pedal sets in the market, as they have been designed to be the perfect dual-sided pair. They have been made SPD compatible that allows the release of tension from one side and adjusts it to the other. The combination makes the versatile pedal set stand out from the competitors in the market. Moreover, the manufacturers of Bontrager Commuter pedals are guaranteed to be highly durable and ensures longevity due to the Chromoly spindle used in manufacturing. A smooth and comfortable feel is ensured with the additional seal cartridge bearings along with an adjustable release tension system. The shipped product is inclusive of the mounting hardware and cleats for easy disassembly and assembly. Also, you have a warranty of 30 days after purchase to either exchange or refund. This gives you a ride time of 30 days to test out your lightweight aluminum Bontrager pedals.

  • The adjustable release tension system
  • Mounting hardware and cleats inclusive of the shipped package
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Versatile 
  • Limited time warranty
Latest deal: Bontrager Commuter Pedal Set

Race Face Atlas Pedals Orange

Race Face Atlas Pedals are the underdog in the cycling gear industry, but they have made sure their pedal quality is topnotch. The wide aluminum body is extremely lightweight that provides a double concave platform to rest your feet properly on. The Chromoly axle along with the hex traction pins in the design makes the Atlas pedal set look sleek and super durable. Thus, even after heavy-duty usage, the DH rig performs twice as good. The performance and the style of the Race Face is frontline that makes it among the top contenders of professional cyclists. The hidden pin for accessing the grease ports are angled to completely seal the bearings and allows the loading pins to be inserted from the bottom. Orange rusty color of the Race Face Atlas Pedals makes it stand out from the rest.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Wide aluminum body
  • Double concave platform
  • Expensive
Latest deal: Race Face Atlas Pedals Orange


Rockbros have given us a wide selection of MTB pedal colors to pick from, such as orange, yellow, blue, or just classic black. These have been made from premium nylon fibers that makes it highly durable and sturdy. It is paired up with high tensile strength Cr-Mo spindle bike pedals that have been equipped with shock-absorbing mechanisms along with abrasion and corrosion resistance properties. Moreover, the manufacturer has put extra effort into the design, as additional anti-skid nails have been included, so your feet stay in place. Even if you have a layer of mud, there is zero chance of your feet slipping off the Rockbros MTB pedals. We are impressed with the easy installation through the sealed bearing that is further protected by the spindles against water and dust. These pedals have a wider size than regular pedals of 4.1”, whereas 0.8lb makes it super light to improve the pedaling efficiency. 9/16” spindle is the perfect design to be used in all types of bikes.

  • 4.1” wide platform and 0.8lb lightweight
  • Super affordable
  • Standard 9/16” spindle fits all
  • Anti-skid nails 
  • Might break in heavy-duty use
Latest deal: ROCKBROS MTB Pedals

Race Face Ride Pedals

The lucky green Race Face Ride pedals have been specially designed to cater to MTB use, as they have been commended for their high tensile strength and durability. They have passed many endurance tests, as the ultra-tough nylon used in the main body complements the Cr-Mo steel axle body to make it the best pedals against off-road riding. Moreover, it is super light in weight (320g), so you would not be slowed down or have to pedal harder. The 18-pin pedal has additional benefits apart from precision and sleek design. We are impressed with the concaved apartment shape of Race Face Ride pedals that gives you the speed you need.

  • Comfortable
  • Ultra-tough nylon
  • Lightweight concaved apartment shape
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Slippery
Latest deal: Race Face Ride Pedals

OneUp Components Composite Pedal

This pedal is available in a variety of colors. These pedals are so good and efficient that they have been awarded a perfect 5/5 by MTBR. The material of which these are made is highly durable. The strong body holds your feet in place while you have the option to remove the steel pins from the OneUp pedal set. The DU plus cartridge pedal system is one of a kind which makes it standout form the rest. Moreover, your cycling experience will be enhanced with installation of quality pedals for off-road experiences.

  • Grips your feet in place
  • Made of good material
  • DU plus cartridge pedal system
  • Removable steel pins 
  • The stock pins are a bit too sharp
Latest deal: OneUp Components Composite Pedal

Venzo Dual Function Platform Multi-Use Compatible Pedals

This pedal is a bit unique from the others because it has a dual function. One side of it has an SPD and one side has a platform. It has been manufactured using aluminum which makes it a build of strong and sturdy body. The bearings are sealed for no dust to enter. All these aspects together make it a smooth-riding pedal. The clipless shoes will make your ride even more efficient. You wear casual shoes to ride with these, they will cause you no discomfort. Moreover, the pedals are compatible with all systems of Shimano SPD MTB. Either you can use Shimano SPD cleats or use the cleats on Shimano pedals.

  • It has dual functions
  • Built with strong material
  • Compatible with all Shimano pedal systems
  • The cleats are adjustable
  • Is only available in one color
Latest deal: Venzo Dual Function Platform Multi-Use Compatible Pedals

GLHMOGM Bike Pedals

High strength material has been used to make this a durable bicycle pedal i.e. aluminum alloy. Along with that comes the abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and shock absorption. Both sides of the bicycle consist of anti-slip nails so that your feet are in the right position with a strong grip and that the chances of slipping become less. The user manual is so easy to follow that you can install the pedals in less than two minutes. For instance, L stands for left and R stands for right. Moreover, the sealed platform spindle does not let water or dust enter into it. Therefore, these are considered the best for mountain bikes, road bikes, fixed bikes, Urban bikes, MTB bikes, and many more.

  • The aluminum alloy makes it highly durable
  • There are anti-slip nails
  • Very simple to install
  • Suitable for almost all places
  • Might cause foot pain
Latest deal: GLHMOGM Bike Pedals

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Best Flat Pedals For Road Bikes Buyers Guide

What to look for in flat pedals for road bikes?

Durability: Durability is one important aspect to consider on your search for finding a quality pedal, as you do not want to invest in a cheap quality flat pedal that breaks off within a few adventures. Some individuals opt for the inexpensive option without doing their research, so while keeping your budget in mind purchase the top construct pedal. These would last a long time due to nylon, aluminum, or carbon used in manufacturing. 

Weight: Another factor to be mindful of is the weight of the flat pedal, as a lot of heavy pedals might seem durable but might be hard to pedal with. You would not be enjoying your rides the way you would with a lightweight option that does not compromise on comfort, as it has been manufactured in high-quality material. 

Pedal Size: Pedal size is one thing not a lot of amateur cyclists are sure about. Thus, know the right fit your bike and what matches your individual needs, so you buy the perfect one instead of investing over and over again, after a wrong purchase. Check out the product details and ensure you have the right size and dimensions. 

Price: It is among the few determinants that restrict a lot of professional and amateur bicyclists. But money should never stop you from experiencing a quality ride into the forest or up the hill. An overpriced flat pedal would be sturdy and durable, is something that is not guaranteed, so do not invest your money into garbage. There is a range of prices to pick the right flat pedal for your road bike. 

Cycling is one of the most liberating forms of cardio that gets you in touch with nature. But if you do not have the right equipment, it will just get you in touch with your pranky side. Do not be worried about your cycling gear not being up to the mark and invest in the right pedals for the smooth and comfortable ride you deserve. It might seem like a hassle at first to get new road bike flat pedals but once you attach them, you will be free from all the hassle attached to fixing the cheap quality pedals. It will be worth every dime and all the effort you put in. Most pedals have anti-skid grooves to ensure you do not have any slippery situation, but instead, you can have muddy shoes after your trek and still cycle without any trouble. Durability was one aspect that all manufacturers had kept constant, as they had used aluminum, carbon, or nylon fibers for the sturdy build. All these pedals were from low to high prices, so you can find the one that meets all your criteria and falls in your budget. 

You can choose the one that suits you best from our best flat pedals for road bikes for the ultimate riding and gliding experience with grip. There is a range of platform shapes to choose from while cycling gear companies have considered the importance of the width of the platform, so worry not. Whatever you choose will be a wise choice after you have looked into our extensive market research analysis.


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