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When the time comes to teach your daughter how to ride a bicycle, you should try to make it a memorable experience for the kid. The best way to do this is purchasing a top quality bike that is comfortable, adjustable, fun and easy to ride. You also need to check important features like the handlebars, raining wheels, comfortable seat to ensure that your daughter won’t experience any problems when using the bike. Getting such a bike may not be easy and will require you to spend a lot of time comparing different products. To make your work easier, we have reviewed the best girls kid’s bike you can find today.

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Our Selection of Best Girls Bikes For Kids


Joystar 14 & 16 Inch Vintage Kids Bike with Basket & Training Wheels

Top Choice Item

If you are searching for a top quality bike for your 3-7 years daughter, Joystar 14 & 16 is among the rare kids bike that has exceptional features. To start with, you will find that it is very attractive and a classic bike basket is also included to enhance its appearance. Apart from that, it is equipped with a shockproof saddle which is more comfortable as compared the narrow saddles. In order to provide a comfortable riding experience, it comes with leather handlebar grips which are easy to hold. The frame is very strong since it is made of premium steel material.

Shockproof seat
Easy to assemble
Attractive design
Leather handlebar grips
Poor quality

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Dynacraft Magna Starburst Girls BMX Street/Dirt Bike 16”

Prime Picked Item

This one is an excellent option for those parents who are searching for a pocket friendly bike for their kid. Irrespective of its cheap price, this bike is packed with useful features, which are rare to find in many models. In terms of appearance, the bike is very attractive since the frame is decorated with vibrant purple and pink flowers. It also comes with matching grips, training wheels and pedals. To boost your kid’s comfort, it has a padded seat that is easy to adjust. It also comes with coater brakes for easy and smooth stopping.

Removable and easy to adjust training wheels
White tires and silver rims
Lifetime warranty on the fork and frame
Handlebar pad
Medium craftsmanship

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Schwinn Jasmine Girl’s Bike with Training Wheels, 16” Wheels

Best Value Item

Schwinn Jasmine Girl’s Bike is one of the most advanced kid’s bike you can find today. The first thing you will love about it is that it has a nice design that enables your daughter to pedal easily. The seat post is very easy to adjust to allow leg extension. Again, you do not need to keep buying a new bike as your kid grows because you can easily raise the saddle. For intuitive stopping, front hand brake and rear coaster brakes are included. Apart from that, it comes with a basket, fenders and training wheels. The 16-inch wheel makes it a get option for 3-5 years old kids.

Adjustable seat post
Easy to pedal
Grows with the kid
Limited lifetime warranty
Not easy to assemble

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Royalbaby Girls Kids Bike Jemmy 12 14 16 18 20 Inch

This one is the among the most attractive and super stylish kids bikes you can find today. Apart from the beautiful design, it comes with an enclosed chain guard and non-slip resin pedals which has a one piece crank and a reflector. The bike is also equipped with a bell, basket, ribbon streamers and heavy-duty training wheels. In addition, it has a quick release seat post, Kraton soft rubber grips, rear band brakes and front caliper brakes. It is very easy to assemble since it comes 95% pre assembled. Also note that it is available in different sizes.

Super stylish
Decent price
Easy to assemble
Safe and sturdy
A little heavier than normal

Latest deal: Royal Baby Girls Bike

Criteria Used To Pick the Above Products

Searching for a kid’s bike for girls is not very easy because girls require some special attention as compared to boys. When we were compiling our list, we considered the following;

Design – As compared to boys, girls will require a more lightweight bike since they are not as strong as boys are. From the many bikes we had picked, we only considered the most lightweight.

Colors– When it comes to appearances, girls love specific colors. They also love something stylish and attractive. All the bikes we have picked have a very beautiful design.

Safety – Today finding a long lasting kids bike is almost an impossible task. We spent a lot of time trying to compare the materials used on various bikes. After a thorough comparison, we were able to select only those that are made of sturdy materials.

Confidence– Your daughter should have confidence when using the bike. We considered features like ability to ride in an upright position, brakes and adjustability. We also picked only those bikes that provide the best stability.

Below are other important things a good girl’s kid’s bike must have.

Height- The height is the most important thing you should think of before spending your money on any bike. Ensure that it matches the height of your kid. This means that it should not be too big or too small.

Brakes– Most of the 16-inch bikes are equipped with coaster brakes. The good thing about these types of brakes is that they are the easiest for kids to handle. Again, they slow down easily to guaranteed the safety of your kid.

Price– Expensive bikes tends to be the most reliable bikes. They are also made of top quality materials to enhance durability. You will also find that they usually have more advanced features as compared to the cheaper models. However, you need to pick a bike that you can easily afford. The four bikes we have reviewed are very cheap which makes them ideal for parents who are on a tight budget.

Frame – The easiest way to determine the quality of a kid’s bike is checking the frame. Steel frame is usually the best in terms of sturdiness and stability. However, these bikes may be a bit heavy for your kid. Aluminum frames are lightweight but they are not as durable as steel frames.

Weight – A lightweight bike is the best option for girls. The bike should be easy to turn or change direction. Again, ensure that it is not more than thirty percent of your kid’s body weight. You should also avoid bikes with suspensions because they add more weight to the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I pull or push my daughter when practicing how to ride a bicycle?
In order to prevent crashes, most parents prefer to pus h their kids the first time they are on a bike. However, you should allow your kid to ride the bike on her own. You should also be very close to intervene in case of an emergency. Encourage the child to sit upright on the bicycle.

Do kid’s bikes require maintenance?

Just like other bikes, kid’s bikes also require frequent maintenance if you want them to last for a long time. Always ensure that the bike is clean after use. You should also ensure that the tires are well inflated. Also try to do this when your kid is around so that he can learn how to take care of bikes at an early stage.

How old should your kid be when using the bike for the first time?
The best age should be 4-8 years old. At this age, your kid is able to maintain balance without any assistance. However, kids should not be allowed to use the bike on their own until they have practiced enough.

Which is the best place to buy a girl’s kid’s bike?
It is highly recommended to buy a kid’s bike from a local bike shop. This will also allow your daughter to test it before you buy to ensure that it is the best size. Another great alternative is Amazon. The good thing about purchasing items from Amazon is that you can check what the customers are saying about the bike. The bike may look attractive in a local shop but it may not be functional. Amazon is also the best online store which means that you should not worry when shopping.


If you have been thinking of a perfect gift you can give to your daughter, a bike will be the best. All the bikes we have reviewed in this article have amazing features which enables them to perform better than other bikes on the market. In terms of design, comfort, ease of use and safety, these bikes are indeed the best. We also considered the price to ensure that none of the above options will drain your pockets. Irrespective of your choice, we can guarantee you that any of them will give you exceptional value for your money.

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