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Whether your bike is expensive or cheap, you need to ensure that it is well protected from theft. In some instances, bike locks may not be the best solution. If you are searching for a perfect solution that will guarantee the safety of your bike, a GPS bike tracker will be an excellent choice.  A GPS bike tracker is a device that is attached to the bike for easier monitoring. With these devices, you can see the exact location of the bike which makes the recovery process to be easier in case the bike is stolen. Since searching for these devices is not easy, we have selected the best products for you after comparing different products. Check them below to learn why they are the best.

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The 4 best GPS bike trackers


Family 1st Vehicle GPS Tracker-Portable Hidden GPS Trackers

Top Choice Item

This one is among the most reliable GPS bike tracker you will ever find.  It has a portable design which makes it easy to fit in a car, bike, stroller, luggage, backpack seat pocket, toolbox or anything else you would like to protect. Apart from that, it is very powerful and fast since it uses 4 G LTE network. It also provides real time tracking through the 5 seconds updates on your phone, web app or PC. You can also create geo-fencing zones which will notify you when the GPS 4G tracker gets in or out of the restricted zones.
The 600 mAh lasts for 14 days
Instant reports and smart alerts
Portable design
Lifetime warranty
Requires a monthly subscription

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Tracki 2020Model Mini Real Time GPS Tracker, Full USA & Worldwide Coverage

Prime Picked Item

The first thing you will love about this tracker is that it is very easy to attach. It comes with a belt clip, Velcro and a magnet for easy mounting.  Another thing is that it provides worldwide coverage which means that it works in 185 countries. It also has a smartphone app which is easy to customize. With this app, you will get notifications through emails or texts. You can also track up to 50 devices in every account. Unlike others, it this tracker provides history reports on locations, speed and addresses including the dates and time.
Automatic updates after 60 seconds
Easy to attach
Wi-Fi tracking when using it indoors
Customizable tracking app
Poor battery life

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Best Value Item

PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker is another great option that provides updates instantly since it uses the state of art 4G LTE technology. Due to this, it provides movement, direction and location as it happens. It also has a compact design which makes it easy to use in bikes, cars, strollers, pockets or anything else. Whether you want to monitor your drivers or logistics for your business, this tracker is the real deal. It also has a monthly fee of $25 or you can pay $20 per month if you are paying for 6 months. The device is very easy to conceal since it doesn’t produce sounds or signals. You can also check out our guides on the best cycling GPS units that work from a similar concept.
Allows you to track undetected
Provides instant information
Compact design
Easy to use
Not very accurate

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King need T630 4 in 1 Micro Size GPS GSM Tracker GPS Locator

Here comes another top quality GPS bike tracker that it very effective. To start with, it has a universal design which enables it to work perfectly with 4 detachable kits. These kits are for Bicycle, vehicle, kids & Elder and pet. It also has an inbuilt LED light which can either be on, off or flashing. Also note that it comes with a free SIM card which has 3 MBs data for testing. Unlike others, it doesn’t require monthly subscriptions. Another thing is that the battery provides up to 168 hours. If you are searching for the smallest GPS bike tracker, this one is among the best you should consider.
Universal design
Free SIM card and software
Long lasting battery
Doesn’t require monthly fee

Latest deal: King need T630

This is how we picked the 4 Products

Purchasing GPS bike tracker can be very challenging especially if you are not conversant with the best features you should check in such a device. To ensure that you will get value for your money, we checked the following.

  • Reviews– The best way to determine the quality of a GPS bike tracker is by going through customer reviews online. All the trackers we have reviewed have awesome customer reviews on Amazon which means that they are very reliable.
  • Ease of use- Some trackers have very complex design which makes them hard to use. If you are searching for the best GPS bike tracker, you should ensure that it has a straightforward design. Also look for a portable device.
  • Price– These devices are available in different prices. You do not need a very expensive tracker. You will find that all the trackers in our list are very affordable.
  • Type of connectivity– In most cases, the performance of GPS bike trackers depends on the connectivity. Some requires Wi-Fi, Bluetooth GSM, NFC among others. We considered those that use an advanced technology like 4G LTE technology. This means that all of them provide instant messages in case of anything. They also come with convenient smartphone apps.

Why do I need a GPS bike tracker?

If you own a bike, you need to ensure that the bike is always safe from theft. One of the best  things about these devices is that they are cheaper compared to the price of the bike. In case your bike is stolen, they save you the cost of buying a new one because you can easily check the exact location of the bike.

Another thing is that they have a small size which makes them easy to attach top the bike. Most of them also come with smartphone apps which gives you instant updates in case of anything.  In terms of versatility, you will find that these bikes can be used for different purposes apart from tracking bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a GPS tracker on a bike?
A GPS tracker allows you to monitor your bike in case it is stolen. However, you need a small device that is not easy to notice.

Are GPS bike trackers expensive?
One of the best things about these trackers is that they are very cheap. Again they are very easy to use due to their compact design.

How can I set up my bike tracker?
Setting up a bike depends on the model. Some requires special installation while others are easy to use. Before buying, check whether there are installation guideline on the package.

How do I protect my bike from theft apart from using a GPS tracker?
You can try any of these methods to keep your bike safe.

  • Use a smart lock
  • Use two high quality locks
  • Make your bike unique
  • Always lock the wheels


GPS Bike trackers are among the most important bike accessories every bike owner must have. What you will love about them is that they are not only easy to use but are also affordable. If you are searching for a perfect way to monitor your bike, just pick any of those we have reviewed because they are the best on the market.  You will also find that they have very advanced features as compared to other models

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