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Bontrager Little Dipper Children’s Bike Helmet
XJD Kids Bike Helmet
Bontrager Tyro Children’s Bike Helmet

The popularity of bicycling as a recreational activity has been on the rise, due to the growing awareness among consumers of the benefits associated with it.  The increasing trend is not only limited to adults, rather children of all age groups are highly encouraged to pursue the sport.

Like all major sports cycling also demands some level of precautionary measures, so that serious accidents and injuries could be avoided. The most basic and the most important place to protect is the head, because it is prone to serious injuries, even during minor falls and accidents. So, in order to protect your loved ones, a range of quality bike helmets, designed especially for kids are available at very affordable prices.

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Best Kids’ Bike Helmets

Bontrager Little Dipper Children’s Bike Helmet

Keep the young cyclist safe with the all new Little Dipper children’s helmet, brought to you by Bontrager. The visually pleasing product meets all ASTM standards providing a smaller mass head form suitable to the needs of children. The Little Dipper hosts the In-molded EPS to ensure durability and the extremely soft helmet pads can be easily removed for cleaning or changing purposes. The Fid lock magnetic buckling mechanism in the Little Dipper is ideal for kids with its secure and reliable fit and superior quality. Overall, the Dipper successfully incorporates the ideal security mechanism and premium build into a single product offering maximum value.

  • Magnetic buckles
  • Dialed fitting system
  • Meets ASTM standards
  • Crash replacement guaranty
  • Slightly Bulky
Latest deal: Bontrager Little Dipper Children’s Bike Helmet

XJD Kids Bike Helmet

XDJ brings you the ultimate bike helmet along the CPSC CE certification to ensure zero complains in terms of quality and protection. The material used for the construction includes superior quality PVC, PC and EPS foam for maximum comfort and minimum impact during a collision. The helmet hosts a spin dial at the back for multiple adjustment options making it an extremely versatile and durable product. Along the adjustable dial and straps the XDJ helmet has multiple vents and breathable foam to minimize sweating and itching, even during intense biking sessions. Lastly, the color range and affordable price tag of the XDJ maximizes value, as a multi-purpose product with similar features is very hard to find.

  • CPSC certification
  • Ventilation System
  • High density quality material
  • Multi-sporting gear
  • Pads not included
Latest deal: XJD Kids Bike Helmet

Bontrager Tyro Children’s Bike Helmet

The Tyro is a premium quality helmet manufactured by Bontrager to work perfectly for the passionate kid looking forward to safely ride his bike. The Tyro packs together the molded Eps system, the dialed file system and fidlock buckles, with each bringing special features to the table. The EPS offers additional coverage for maximum protection while the file system and magnetic buckles collectively ensure an effortless, secure and comfortable riding experience for your kid. Overall, the quality of the tyro is exceptional with the washable and moisture reducing pads and the ASTM standardization making it a worthy contender.

  • EPS shell and a durable construction
  • Crash replacement guaranty
  • ASTM standards
  • Magnetic buckles
  • Costly
Latest deal: Bontrager Tyro Children’s Bike Helmet

MET Elfo Kids Helmet

MET is known for its deeper understanding of the younger consumer needs and they’ve incorporated these insights in to the Elfo kid’s helmet model. The Elfo hosts the Bimbi internal geometry structure, ensuring complete protection of the fontanel area. With the Elfo, children can enjoy comfortable and protected rides as the mold shell and the polystyrene layer will minimize shocks and damage under all circumstances. Elfo bears a LED light, interior net and anti-allergenic padding to make sure that children feel safe and confident while riding. Collectively, the extra protection layers, the ergonomically sound design and the solid looks make the Elfo a great option for all.

  • Special fontanel protection
  • Safe-T E-Twist fit system
  • Integrated stickers and LED
  • Solid construction
  • A little tricky to adjust
Latest deal: MET Elfo Kids Helmet

POC POCito Crane (CPSC)

The Pocito Crane is the flagship product by POC, designed especially for kids and their adventures. The Pocito packs an extra hard outer shell and double density EPS liners to provide maximum protection and stability against impacts. This progressive core coupled with the dual liners make sure, that your child enjoys to the fullest while being safe. Pocito comes with an advance adjustment system under the in-mold construction for ease of usability and convenience. Overall, the finish of the product is solid and shiny with highly reflective color patches and fluorescent body so that the rider can easily be spotted from a distance.

  • Dual density EPS liners
  • Extra tough In-mold construction
  • Multiple size adjustment options
  • Sticker kit included
  • Requires care while washing and cleaning
Latest deal: POC POCito Crane (CPSC)

Giro Rodeo Kids Helmet

The highly affordable Rodeo helmet for kids above the age of three is brought to you by the top of the line Giro brand. The Rodeo comes in bright colors with bold graphics which are aesthetically pleasing and highly visible all day. Rodeo packs a micro shell construction with EPS liners for a solid and extremely durable build. The pinch proof buckle, the 6 vents and the Acu dial fit system collectively make the rodeo a joy to use. The user friendliness and the range of features offered by the Rodeo are exactly what the young rider needs for his adventures.

  • Built in visor
  • Micro shell construction
  • Acu-dial fit system
  • Built in bug net
  • Avoid washing directly
Latest deal: Giro Rodeo Kids Helmet

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Best Kids’ Bike Helmets Buyers Guide

Price: Kids bike helmets normally cost somewhere between 20 to 100 dollars. The price varies alongside the features and is mainly dependent on the material used for construction and adjustment options. Simpler versions have lower prices but also offer basic level protection while the more expensive options carry extra padding layers, in mold constructions and multiple vents for more comfort.

Quality: It goes without saying that the most important attribute is in terms of quality. No parent or guardian would ever want to compromise on their kid’s safety and therefore, adequate market research is required to find the ideal product. The quality can be further divided into three domains which are material used, padding and safety and the overall ergonomics.

For the material, in mold hard coated PVC and PC are considered durable while for padding and safety, double padding layers and magnetic robust buckles are considered premium. The design should also be ergonomically sound, keeping in mind the needs of young riders.

Size: Adequate amount of importance should be given to the product in terms of size. It is paramount that the correct size is bought which is comfortable on the head and protects the more vulnerable regions effectively.

How do you choose a right sized bike helmet for a child?
It is recommended to use soft tape to measure the circumference of the thickest part of your child’s head. Compare that size against the head size range on the helmet and choose the closest fit.

Are more expensive bike helmets safer?
More expensive helmets can be safer but normally they are lighter and have more ventilation making them cool and comfortable. So, if the helmet is required occasionally, the cheaper version will be fine but if the helmet is required regularly for longer riding spells, it is recommended to get the more expensive one.

How should kids wear helmets?
The helmet should be a few inches above the eyebrows sitting on the lower of part your kid’s forehead. The rider should be able to see clearly in all directions and the front rim of the helmet should also be in the rider’s field of vision.

Do bike helmets expire?
Bike helmets do not expire per say but they should be changed every 4 to 5 years. In accidental cases the helmet should be changed after a collision of if it wears out.

The growing demand of bicycles has also pulled in demand for kits and safety gears associated with the hobby. Numerous children around the world are encouraged to pursue the activity which they so clearly enjoy and love. Like all other sports cycling also carries some risk which is a major concern among parents and guardians.

It’s a smart and rational move to be safe rather than sorry and when the topic of discussion is the safety of young bicycle riders, helmets carry the utmost importance. Numerous models were discussed above with each one of them offering great value and premium features. General guidelines related to the price and quality of these products were discussed and multiple products were critically analyzed under the same light.

In conclusion, sports and other recreational activities such as cycling, play a crucial role in the physical as well as the intellectual development of young kids. In this technological era, many children fail to enjoy their childhood to the fullest in a healthy yet fun manner. To overcome these obstacles, we need to encourage and push our kid’s towards such activities so that they do enjoy and learn in a safe and healthy manner.

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