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Fox Racing Ranger Gel Gloves
Endura Hummvee Plus Gloves II
INBIKE Gel Padded Cycling Gloves

Imagine riding along a sweet mountain range, enjoying the views and while you take in the view, your hands are taking a rough beating. Now may it be from the stiffness of the handlebar or your hands being sensitive to certain materials, it’s bad either way. No one wants their bike riding experience ruined by a sore hand.

Mountain bike gloves play a vital role in improving your bike riding sessions. They improve your grip on the handlebar, prevent blisters, keep your hands and fingers warm during winter season and provide extra protection during an accident. They also absorb shocks and bumps, allowing you to ride smooth.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options available for you when it comes to mountain bike gloves.

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Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Fox Racing Ranger Gel Gloves

Ever wanted a high-tech glove for your mountain bike that does the job extremely well? Of course, you did. Fox racing ranger gloves offer multiple color options to get you started right. Customization is a sweet spot when it comes to these gloves. They also feature TruGel injected in the right places, allowing the dissipation of shocks and enabling a smooth and satisfying ride. The overall material used for construction is plenty strong with enough spandex to allow four-directional movement. The wrist features a compression molded cuff with hook and loop closure which allows you to have a secure fit. Conductive thread runs through the fingers allowing you to use your touch screen smart devices without a worry in the world. The silicon printing on the fingertips provides comfortable and strong grip on the handlebar, enabling perfect control while riding. Overall, this is an amazing option for the price.

  • TruGel injected for shock absorption
  • Spandex four-directional movement
  • Silicon tips for improved grip
  • Conductive thread for touch screen control
  • Branding could look better
Latest deal: Fox Racing Ranger Gel Gloves

Endura Hummvee Plus Gloves II

Endura brings you a sleek looking glove for your mountain bike rides. The glove looks sleek and modern. The two-tone black and grey look makes it stand out from the rest. But it is also available in other colors like red and green. The material used is a mix of 50% Nylon, 30% polyester, 15% spandex and 5% polyurethane. Together these materials provide a tough yet stretchy rib mesh backhand and neoprene knuckle guards for reliable and good protection against scratches and scrapes. The gloves are well-built and strong which helps with durability and longevity of the product. The mesh allows proper ventilation thereby preventing sweat from building up, and the gel padding is great for absorbing shocks and keeping your hand comfortable. A Terry sweat wipe is included in the package and the gloves are also compatible with touch screens, so you don’t have to take them off. Overall, this is a great product.

  • Color options
  • Rib mesh and knuckle guards
  • Proper ventilation and gel shock absorption
  • Compatible with touch screens
  • A little pricey
Latest deal: Endura Hummvee Plus Gloves II

INBIKE 5mm Gel Padded Mens Cycling Gloves Breathable & Wear Resistant

INBIKE brings you some of the coolest looking gloves as far as design language is concerned. The gloves have crazy designs going all around which definitely make them stand out. They look sleek and youngsters will absolutely love the looks. They are made with high elastic lycra and mesh knitted fabric which allows them to be breathable thereby preventing sweat formation and wear resistant as well. Extra padding with 5mm gel injected inside the gloves allows for good shock absorption and silicon tips enable the anti-slip feature while riding. The hook and loop fastener allow for a snug and secure fit. A Terry wipe is included in the package. This is a good option for the price.

  • Breathable
  • Gel injected for shock absorption
  • Wear resistant
  • Silicon tips for grip
  • Don’t hold up as good
Latest deal: INBIKE 5mm Gel Padded Mens Cycling Gloves

Race Face Stage Gloves

Race face brings you some cool looking gloves for your mountain bike. They have a cool lime yellow and black combination of colors but is available in other options as well. These are all-black for that understated vibe, and a green black combo for a more army look. The gloves offer a nylon mesh back that enables breathability and prevention of sweat build up. Proper ventilation is on board. The palm side wrist closure is neoprene to guard your hands. The wrist pull tab extension is made with lycra for a snug and secure fit. The articulated panels offer great hand to handlebar grip for a more in-control ride. The middle finger is touch screen compatible hence you don’t have to take your gloves off to use your smart device. A Terry wipe is included in the package and overall, this is a great buy.

  • Color combinations
  • Proper ventilation
  • Articulated panels for good grip
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Lacks gel for shock absorption
Latest deal: Race Face Stage Gloves

GripGrab EasyRider Padded Short Finger Glove

If you are in the market for a cool pair of fingerless gloves for your mountain bike that look sleek and modern, you have come to the right place. The GripGrab gloves come in different color options like navy, white and black. The build material is also plenty strong and durable while keeping comfort in mind. The DoctorGel 4mm injected gel padding allows for proper dissipation of shocks through a bumpy terrain. 70% of long-distance riders experience symptoms related to nerve compression and these gloves focus specifically on reducing them. The rugged mesh back allows for proper ventilation and prevents sweat build up. For good snug fit, gMagnets are available. The palm area has suede on it for more comfort and the package includes a sweat wipe as well. Overall, this is a great product for the price tag.

  • Color options
  • 4mm gel padding
  • Mesh for ventilation
  • gMagnets for a secure fit
  • Pricey
Latest deal: GripGrab EasyRider Padded Short Finger Glove

Endura Singletrack Gloves

Endura brings you a very modern and cool looking low-profile gloves that will spark some excitement into your riding sessions for sure. The gloves have a very cool black and grey design but comes in blue, red and yellow colors as well. The materials used allow for a durable and lightweight experience. They are well-built and have tough rib mesh backhand panels that improve longevity and breathability. Neoprene knuckle protection along with molded TPU overlays adds more protection from scrapes and scratches. Silicon is also available as palm print for improved grip on the handlebar. Overall, this is a nice product.

  • Color options
  • Rib mesh for ventilation
  • Neoprene knuckles for protection
  • Silicon palm prints for grip
  • No gel padding
Latest deal: Endura Singletrack Gloves

Alpinestars Aero 2 Gloves

Alpinestar aero 2 are a sleek and good-looking set of gloves for your mountain bike. They come in a yellow, black and grey combination but you can always switch things up with more color options provided by the company. These are orange, red and blue with similar design language. The upper is constructed from lightweight stretch fabric that allows good comfort and fit. The wrist-elastic slip-in cuff with a pull tab provides a secure and snug fit, they are very easy to put on and work like a champ. Silicon fingertips are available for improved grip on the handlebar and advanced gel padding allows for proper shock absorption thereby increasing comfort. A hand Terry cloth patch is also available for wiping away sweat. This is a good buy.

  • Color options
  • Gel padding
  • Terry cloth
  • Silicon fingertips for grip
  • Could use a better logo
Latest deal: Alpinestars Aero 2 Gloves

Alpinestars Womens Stella F-Lite Gloves SS17

Alpinestars has a great offering for women when it comes to mountain bike gloves. These gloves have some exciting color combinations like black raspberry, black raspberry rose and ocean blue. The colors look sleek and modern. A sure hit among women. The upper is once again constructed with light fabric for comfort and good fit. The palm is perforated and constructed with suede to offer a high level of grip. The silicon imprints on the fingertips enable extra grip while riding so your hands don’t slip off the handlebar. The lycra finger sidewalls add more flexibility giving you more room to move around. Hand Terry cloth patch is also available for wiping away sweat while fast riding. You will absolutely love the build quality and the price tag.

  • Low price tag
  • Silicon fingertip grip
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Hand Terry cloth patch
  • Palms could look better
Latest deal: Alpinestars Womens Stella F-Lite Gloves SS17

Endura Hummvee Lite Icon Gloves SS20

Endura comes back with some great looking gloves for a good mountain bike riding experience. The gloves come in a range of great colors like blue, black, green, yellow and orange. The build quality is also top notch as the breathable lightweight backhand has a 4 way stretch ability. The pull-on stretch cuff allows for a snug and secure fit on the hands and the synthetic leather palm has perforations for comfort and proper ventilation. Doesn’t allow sweat to build up. The palms have zero padding to increase dexterity and bar feel. Speaking of bar feel, the silicon tips provide a great grip on handlebar. A Terry sweat wipe is available on the thumb to wipe away any sweat that forms. Overall, this is a great option.

  • Color options
  • Silicon tips
  • Terry cloth wipe
  • Perforation for ventilation
  • No padding
Latest deal: Endura Hummvee Lite Icon Gloves SS20

INBIKE 5MM Gel Pad Shock-Absorbing Anti- Slip Cycling Gloves

INBIKE comes back again, this time with a fingerless glove offering for your mountain bike rides. The gloves have a unique color way and design as it blends black, white, grey and red in a rather interesting way. Same color way in blue is also available and looks sleek. Polyester is the material of choice here as it provides the right amount of flex and durability required for the gloves. Incorporation of elastic lycra and knitted mesh fabric makes it comfortable and breathable. 5mm gel extra padding returns, offering extreme comfort and shock absorption for extreme rides. The Terry cloth inside the gloves allows you to wipe away sweat easily and the low -profile Velcro enclosure ensures a snug and secure fit while remaining out of sight. Overall, these are a great buy.

  • Sleek color combination
  • Velcro cuff for secure fit
  • 5mm gel padding
  • Terry cloth
  • Could use better padding
Latest deal: INBIKE Gel Pad Shock-Absorbing Cycling Gloves

HTZPLOO Anti-Slip Mountain Bike Gloves

HTXPLOO brings you half-finger gloves great for your mountain bike riding sessions. They come in 4 different color ways which include black/blue, grey, black/grey and black/red. The material used is 55% polyester and 45% nylon. The padding incorporated into the gloves is shock absorbent and helps in relieving hand fatigue and reducing road vibration. Anti-slip silicon is available on the palm which increases your control on the handlebar. Soft and smooth lycra on the surface of the gloves enhances hand flexibility and comfort. Finger loops are also on board that help you pull the gloves off without turning them inside out. These gloves are great for riding as they provide great grip and comfort on the road. Overall, a great option to pick up.

  • Shock absorbent padding
  • Anti-slip silicon
  • Lycra for enhanced flexibility
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Take a while to get used to
Latest deal: HTZPLOO Anti-Slip Mountain Bike Gloves

Looking for the best cycling gloves instead?

We’ve put an in-depth guide together for that.

We have looked at 37 cycling gloves to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. We focused on protection, breathability, comfort, and purpose to make sure we’ve found the greatest products available to buy. You can see the full guide here which could be more relevant than the one you’re reading now.

What to Look for when buying mountain bike gloves

Price: Some of the gloves you will find online might run you up a lot of money. Make sure that you do proper research before buying as you will find cheaper options that provide the same features.

Build quality: It’s important to be on the lookout for quality. We all have seen gloves that tear up quickly and just don’t hold up well. say no more to that and pay attention to the materials used and the build quality of the gloves. Neoprene is a strong material used for protection in gloves.

Padding: Many companies leave out padding and that is always a bad move. Padding is great for shock absorption and dissipating vibrations as you ride. It also helps in making your rides more comfortable.


What do mountain bike gloves do?
Mountain biking gloves do a lot from soaking up a sweat to ventilating your palms, from absorbing shocks to preventing blisters on your hands.

How to wash MTB gloves?
Close the Velcro, snap, or button on your gloves. Put the gloves in the washing machine and set it to cold with laundry detergent. Do not use bleach. If any soap remains after wash, rinse them by hand. Leave them flat or hang to dry.

How tight should cycling gloves be?
Gloves should be secure enough that they feel like another layer of skin but not too tight as to be restrictive. Gloves too big will be difficult to wear while too small will make it hard to move around in them.

What’s the verdict on mountain bike gloves?

We took a look at some of the best offerings when it comes to mountain bike gloves. Some had padding for shock absorption while others used strong neoprene knuckles for reinforcement. Some had a good Velcro snug fit while others offered Terry cloth for wiping sweat. Some had silicon tips for grip while others had touch screen compatibility. Some had all of these features and were the best contenders.

All manufacturers kept quality as their prime concern and delivered on it time and time again. No matter which glove set you choose, you will absolutely love it.

Which one was your favorite?

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