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Best Mountain Bike Lights For the Money [Review] in 2020

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Biking is a good sport. What makes it better is a bike journey through the mountains, and that is what mountain bikes are for. But why stop the fun at night? Especially when there are no lights on the terrain. Mountain bike lights are an important accessory to have. They come in all sorts of sizes, powered with the appropriate sized batteries. Some even get electricity generated from the pedaling of the bike. They always save you the worry of having to see clear at night and can be height adjusted according to your liking. A good mountain bike ensures you have maximum visibility in front of you at any given moment in time.

But, we know that finding the right mountain bike light that fits your budget can prove to be quite a task. So, here is the list of the best mountain bike lights for the money to help you with your buying decision.  Lets take a big breath and jump in.

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Best Mountain Bike Lights For the Money


Victagen bike light

Top Choice Item

Victagen brings you a super bright, easy to mount mountain bike light which is powered by a dual XML-T6 lamp, brightening up the track for you. The package also comes with a free red back light. The light also comes with a USB cable which it uses to charge the rechargeable battery. The battery lasts you about 4+ hours on high modes. The battery also has smart charging which stops when it is full, to save battery life. The light has a flat beam shape, especially for riders going down urban terrains. The light is soft yet powerful, enough to brighten up the track well while preventing pedestrians from getting blinded. The light is IP65 certified which means it is water resistance which makes it durable and increases longevity in extreme conditions. The light installs quickly and easily. The price is great for the features you get.

Dual lamps
4+ hours battery on high mode
Non-blinding high flat beam
IP65 water resistant
Charge lights do not indicate the charge level

Latest deal: Victagen bike light


Bright eyes

Best Value Item

Bright eyes has a very modern looking sleek mountain bike light for your bike riding experience. The shape of the light complements your bike in a cool way and looks great. The lamp is a Lumen CREE T6 LED which is extremely bright. The light is fully waterproof which improves durability and longevity, and the battery gives 4+ hours on high settings. 16+ hours on low setting is an amazing time as the battery is 6400mAh which is a big cell. Easily mounted on most mountain bikes and has a diffuser lens as well. Comes with a tail light in the box for rear protection. The external rechargeable battery is waterproof and the light comes with free helmet accessories. The company also offers a life time guarantee and a 1 year warranty on battery. You definitely get your money’s worth on this one.

Lumen CREE T6 LED bright light
Fully waterproof light
Diffuser lens and tail light included
1 year warranty on battery and helmet accessories
Mounting is a problem on thicker handlebars

Latest deal: Bright eyes


Shark 500

Prime Picked Item

Shark 500 is a stylish and modern looking sleek cycle torch which is very bright and gets the job done perfectly at night time. The light is powered by a high output CREE LED which generates a lot of light. The package also comes with a tail light to keep you protected and secured from all sides. The light attaches easily on all sized bikes no matter if it is a commuter or one of those modern thick handlebar bikes. The flat beam keeps the terrain well lit while preventing pedestrians from getting blinded by it. The light is IPX5 rated which means you are covered completely in heavy rain. The company offers you a money back guarantee if you do not like the light. The light does not have a great battery life and lasts only about 2 hours on high settings.

CREE LED bright light
Taillight included
Money back guarantee
Battery life is not great

Latest deal: Shark 500


NiteRider lumina micro 750

NiteRider brings you an easy to install mountain bike light which gets the job done just fine. The light has a lock mode which keeps the light securely powered off during transport so that no battery is wasted. The battery level indicator is cleverly hidden in the power button. The button glows blue when it has a healthy battery level, and turns red when it is lower than 20%. Reinforced nylon housing makes the light durable and long lasting. The light produces 750 lumens of light which is very bright, all while keeping the internal conditions at an optimal temperature. This is achieved using an aluminium heatsink. The battery is rechargeable and the whole package is IP64 water and dust resistant which makes it a good option in extreme weather conditions. It has 5 different light modes and has a good price.

Power lockdown mode
750 lumens bright light
Aluminium heatsink
5 light modes
Rated at 90 minutes for max brightness

Latest deal: NiteRider lumina micro 750



CECO brings you an extremely bright mountain bike which fires light at a 1000 lumen, which is not seen in the previous lights we have looked at. The light keeps the brightness constant, unlike other brands that drop to 50% of their full brightness claims within the first 5 minutes. The light is also FL-1 and IP67 certified which makes it impact and water resistant respectively. The cycle torch is pocket-able and durable. The light has 5 night modes and 3 unique flashing day modes which keeps you well lit through all terrains. The light flashes every 25 seconds when the battery is below 20%. The light has a lock down mode which you can enable when transporting the light, so that it does not turn on unintentionally, saving you battery. It can be enabled and disabled by pressing the power button for 6 seconds. The mount is heavy duty and flexible for maximum durability and the bracket tab is made out of tough Zytel material which adds to the longevity of the light. Overall an amazing light for the price you pay.

1000 lumens bright light
FL-1 and IP67 rated
5 night modes and 3 day modes
Durable and long lasting
A little pricey

Latest deal: CECO-USA

What is the purpose of a mountain bike light?

Mountain bike lights are very important. They help you brighten up your path at night time. They have different features like IP ratings which help in making the lights water and dust proof. This adds to the longevity of the lights. They help improve your visibility at night so you can avoid bumpy terrains and have a safer journey. A cycle torch is not only important for your security, but also for the security of the pedestrians around you. It helps make them aware when a bike is coming and also does not blind them so they can avoid accidents. They also have rechargeable batteries which does not require you to keep swapping them. Mountain bike lights are a good and smart addition to your mountain bike gear.


How should I position my bike lights?

They should be positioned as far apart as possible because the visibility and resolving ability is enhanced this way.

What does Lumen mean?

Lumen is a measuring unit of light. Higher the lumens rated for a mountain bike light, brighter and stronger the beam will be.

Why do bike lights cost too much when I can buy a $15 bulb from Amazon?

A mountain bike is a complete package. It comes with a mount, a tail light, is water resistant and has a long lasting rechargeable battery.



We took a look at some of the best manufacturers today, bringing the best they can in terms of durability and longevity, brightness, and water and dust resistance, when it comes to mountain bike lights. Some were very bright and offered anti-blinding abilities, while others had IP and FL ratings making them water, dust and impact proof. Some offered stylish designs while others focused more on the materials used, making them durable and strong. All of them kept one thing constant, and that was to keep the performance high while making the battery last as long as possible. Some offered special features like lock down modes to save battery during transit of the product, and battery indicators. All of them were an amazing deal for the price you pay, and you will be thoroughly impressed with what you get.

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