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Canondale Habit 5

By: Mason Arnold

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Cannondale Habit 5 Mountain Bike 2020 [Review]


Cannondale Habit 5 2020 Mountain bike

This Cannondale Habit 5 2020 Mountain bike is designed to perform excellently on sloppy and rugged surfaces that could be encountered on the course of a mountain ride. Coupled with a dashing look with a remodeled suspension, the machine is  quite versatile

With its large supported tires that can surmount any rugged trail, this Habit mountain bike is exceptionally fit to ensure smooth, safe rides. Alongside the tires are powerful brakes, a great suspension system, and a brief stem all in good composition for any rider to feel confident in all the rigors associated with mountain biking. Cannondale Habit 5 2020 Mountain bike is an exceptional machine for an outstanding rider.


An Alloy Frame

The frame is an Alloy C1, Smartform Golden frame. It is incredibly thick and sturdy. Though not as light as other bikes, no extra added weight is added, so for a mountain bike, this frame is lightweight. They are highly efficient frames that increase the performance of the rider and reduces stress. Their joints are solid. The structures of this bike are stiff, so you don’t have to worry about the frame getting bent or broken on a ride, thus enhancing the rider’s control and comfort. 

Hydraulic disk brakes

These Shimano brakes are mighty and instantaneous. Energy-saving and consistent, they are with versatile functions. These brakes make it suitable for smaller persons and beginners to take a ride. The MT200 is highly reliable, produces little to no noise, and is consistent. Quite versatile for different methods of trips. Entirely secure, ensuring a rider’s safety in any weather condition. MT200 Shimano is a very efficient brake in slopes, trails, gravels, and any other terrain. These brakes increase the effort of the rider to bring about higher and faster stops.

Superb RockShox Fork

The 35 RockShox forks are incredibly invaluable to the Habit. The forks are suitable for driving up and downhills. They maintain reach to the ground with their trail and are ideal for rough drives. Very stiff, slick, and light. It ensures that the rider exerts control over the ride. It improves the connection between the rider and the terrain. Very stable and not very exhausting. They exercise high performance in rides and are light. 

High Roller Tire

These tires could are seen as one of the best tires for mountain rides. They are versatile double-layered tires suitable in all seasons, treading on rocks, mud, and debris. Durable and lighter than most of its sister tires. Comfortable and smooth-rolling. Ideal for excellent traction. These tires can remove dirt while riding. It also pierces the soil and gives uniform traction even on hard surfaces. They improve the performance of the brakes too as they are suitable for all weather conditions.


Frame: A Smartform Alloy frame

Brakeset: 140mm, 35 RL Rockshox

Wheels: Dual compound Maxxis Minion tires

Weight: 16.60(kg)

Chainset: Ai offset X1-1000 SRAM

Stem: Alloy, Cannondale

Rear Shock: EVOL DPS Fox float

Cassette: 12-speed Eagle SRAM

Handlebars: Alloy, Riser, Cannondale

Shifters: 12-speed, SRAM

Saddle: Stage 3, Cannondale

Grip: Locking Grips

Hub: MT400 Shimano

Rear Derailleur: Eagle, SRAM

Bottom Bracket: SRAM MTB83

Chain: 12-speed, SRAM

Brake levers: MT200 Shimano

Rims: Tubeless ready

Spoke: a 14g steel


  • The frame of the Habit is durable thereby ensuring the safety of the rider
  • It features excellent abilities in muds, hills, and other trails.
  • The braking is excellent
  • The tires do not last very long as they quickly wear off


Is the Habit only meant for mountain rides?

The Habit is suitable for mountain and road rides.

Is the Habit suitable for learners?



What excellent capabilities does the Cannondale Habit 5 2020 Mountain bike possess!! Great wide tires and thick stiff frames with an effective braking system. All these out together guarantees a great adventure on-road and mountains. With the Habit, a rider experiences comfort stability and confidence with no limitation on the trails  and style of ride.