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Cervelo P5 2020 [Review]

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The Cervelo P5 2020 (Review)

The Cervelo P5 bike is one bike designed to ensure the increased performance of the rider by being extremely fast with very improved stiff aero frames that give a rider a better edge to take over races. It features great handlebars, adjustable Seatpost, great cornering abilities, and good pedals that urges the rider to go faster. The frame is more aerodynamic than it’s predecessor as it possesses a lean platform where riders can place their elbows thus, taking an aerodynamic position, and also a compartment for items a rider can carry along and a light water bottle. This bike is perfectly handled to be superiorly race inclined hence resulting in lesser weight and balance.


Cervelo Carbon Frame

This P5 Cervelo frame is aerodynamically structured; hence, it is lighter, faster with minimized drag while also featuring a compartment for carrying items in long trips and a bottle. The frame is designed by Cervelo to bring about a balanced ride as it maintains more stiffness, and takes sharp turns and bends. It is properly handled to improve performance and maintain stability in high-speed levels with a reduced weight that helps in fostering good climbs.

BR9170 Hydraulic Shimano Brakes

These are smooth-shifting hydraulic brakes that enable the rider gripping the handlebar better and bring about better braking capabilities in various terrains and weather, thus boosting its reliability and preciseness. It also helps the bike move faster, ensures the rider has control over the race, and ensures high performance while being easy to maintain and exhibiting balance in races.

700 Continental Racing Tires

This is the ultimate racing tire that exhibits total dominance in all terrains while maintaining good grips even in corners and perfect rolling abilities and maintains a consistency that goes hand in hand with comfortable features and puncture-protectedness. It is built to create a good impression by being long-lasting and light with improved traction and guaranteeing safety to the rider.

Prologo Saddle

This is a rigid, light, and fast saddle that enhances the performance of the rider by providing comfort and keeping the rider in an upright and forward position while maintaining adequate strength and providing good rides with reduced pelvic numb feeling and being suited for races. These saddles are lightly padded and structured to stay put while racing and make the rider move aerodynamically, thus producing efficient rides.


Cassette: R8000 Ultegra, 11-28t

Brakes: 9170 Hydraulic Shimano

Saddle: TGale Prologo

Frame: P5 carbon Cervelo Frame

Tires: 700×25c Continental clinchers

Rear Derailleur: 11-speed, 8050 Ultegra Shimano

Seatpost: Carbon Cervelo Seatpost

Fork: Carbon disc Cervelo fork

Cranks: 8000, Ultegra

Handlebar: Baseball, P5

Shifters: Ace, Shimano

Wheels: Spline, Swiss, 32

Brake Levers: ST 9180, Shimano

Accessories: Water bottle, Smartpaks

Front Derailleur: 11-speed 8050 Shimano

  • The Cervelo P5 has great cornering abilities even in high speed
  • This bike demonstrates a high speed and thus suited for races
  • The frame of the bike is excellently stiff and aerodynamic
  • This bike is geared towards increasing the rider’s performance
  • It is expensive
  • The saddle does not support long rides


Who is the Cervelo P5 suited for?

This bike is specifically structured for professionals and racers in triathlons

What is the bike ideal for?

The bike is suited to increase the performance of racers by being more aerodynamic and stiff with great abilities in bends and turns while also guaranteeing the rider’s comfort.


The Cervelo P5 Bike is an extremely fast and reliable bike that seeks to meet the needs of Time Trial racers and Triathletes in areas regarding aerodynamics and stiffness. It features an adjustable Seatpost, storage compartment, good handling, and balance to ensure that ride performance is increased and rider’s comfort and safety are assured.

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