Giant Roam 2

By: Mason Arnold

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The Giant Roam 2 2020 [Review]

Giant Roam 2
Mountain Bike

The Giant Roam 2 2020 [Review]

The Giant Roam bike is a mountain and road bike that provides smooth rolls on roads and trails with maximal comfort resulting from its geometry and tires, and brakes that guarantee confidence. This is one bike that can perfectly handle the rough roads and the rickety mountain trails and still provides good quality and smooth output even in climbs and descents. It can take on long hard trips in dirt, roads, and trails with the ability to accommodate racks and sustain speed level with its suspension forks while featuring fenders that guard the bike against splashing. This bike is perfect for versatile movements


Aluminum ALUXX Frame

The ALUXX frame stands for high-performance bikes with agility while maintaining lightness and easy rapid acceleration and climbs, accurate stiffness, good tolerance, allowing the rider to maintain a confident position and guaranteeing comfort while adding to the bike’s amazing looks. With this frame, the bike maintains strong joints, is less prone to rust, more compliant, can accommodate racks and smoothens out road bumps, reduces vibrations, and guarantee balance on trails while being suited for aggressive riding.

MD275 Brakes

These are high-performance alloy Tektro 160mm brake that provides all-round reliability, excellent traction, and good cornering abilities. It also still instills confidence on the rider on roads and rough trails, regardless of the weather condition while also suiting commutes tours and strolls with distinct capabilities in braking. They are easy to operate and maintain and guarantee comfort.

Crosscut Tires

These Crosscut Tires are wide and designed for speed, efficiency, comfort, control, and increased performance. They maintain suitability for puncture-protectedness, increased traction even on gravel, loose and dirty terrains and are modeled for stability, safety and adventures with unmatched reliance and ease in pumping

Sport Saddle

The sport saddle is a highly comfortable saddle that is properly fitted to suit roads and mountains, lengthy rides, short trips, downhill racing, and high performance. It also ensures a high level of compliance, and natural riding flows with capabilities to suit the various riding styles of the rider. Additionally, it reduces rough road impacts on the rider while adding to the classic looks of the bike and improving the connection between the rider and the bike.


Frame: Aluminum ALUXX frame

Shifters: Altus

Handlebar: 31.8mm Sport Connect

Cassette: HG200, Shimano

Hubs: Alloy

Tires: 700×42, Crosscut, Giant

Front Derailleur: RDM3000, Shimano

Stem: Sport

Fork: 63mm, SunTour

Seatpost: 27.25, Sport, Giant

Rear Derailleur: Acera

Saddle: Comfort, Giant

Bottom Bracket: Threaded/sealed

Chain: KMC

Shifters: Altus

Brakes: M275, Tektro

Cranks: 28/44 Alloy

Spokes: 14g, Steel

Rims: Alloy

Brake Lever: Hydraulic M275

  • This bike is versatile as it suits both roads and mountains
  • The bike can also accommodate racks and has splash fender that protects the bike form splashes
  • The bike also provides maximal comfort and confidence to the rider
  • The bike has compression adjustments that increase speed on roads
  • The stopping power of the brake is not so good when going downhill


What is the Giant Roam bike structured for?

The bike is structured for various rides such as commutes, strolls, touring, road and mountain rides

Is the bike Unisex?

The bike is structured for men


The Giant Roam 2 is a versatile bike that ensures the comfort and stability of the rider and suits the various terrains that roads and mountains bring along. Coupled with its unique geometry and handling, this bike provides adventurous rides, allows the rider to take an upward riding position, reduces the effects of bumps, aids rapid acceleration, and produces an overall smooth ride quality with usability for commutes, strolls, and adventures.