Removing the BMX Stem

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Removing the BMX Stem

Are you planning to upgrade your BMX stem? The process can be a bit complex since you will have to remove the existing one so that you can replace it with a new one. There are different types of stems for your BMX, so be sure to know what type of stem you have. In this article, we shall discuss the steps you should follow when removing a BMX stem and also how to install a new one.

Stem 1- Loosen the bolts located on the faceplate

The first thing you should do is to loosen the bolts located on the faceplate. Start with the top bolt and then move to the bolt that is located diagonally down. After that, you can loosen the bolt at the top and then the bottom one. Doing this ensures that the pressure on the handlebars is evenly distributed.

Step 2- Get rid of the faceplate

Loosen the bolts completely and then remove all of them. Hold the faceplate tightly on the handlebars and ensure you have removed all the bolts. As you hold the handlebar, you can now remove the faceplate. Hang the handlebars careful and ensure that they do not rub or knock the forks.

Stem 3- Get rid of the top cap

Loosen the bolt on the top cap until you have removed it completely. Remove all stem spacers.

How to install a BMX stem

  • Start by attaching the handlebar stem on the frame. Loosen the bolts located on the handlebar stem. You can now place it on top of the steering tube. Locate a spacer at the centre of the hole.
  • After you have done this, grease the compression bolt. After that, insert the bolt on the hole located on the stem.
  • Twist it in place using an Allen wrench.
  • Tighten those bolts on the stem that you had loosened. Be careful when doing this to ensure that they are uniform

How to fix the stem on a BMX handlebar

You can attach the stem separately or attach the whole assembly to the fork. Start by loosening the clamping bolts located on the stem. Remove the front faceplate and follow the following steps.

  • Place the stem’s body on the groove
  • Place the handlebars in the groove
  • Replace the faceplate in such a way that it wedges the bar between the two pieces of stems. Fasten the faceplate using the bolts back to the stem’s body.
  • Use an X pattern when tightening the bolts.

Inserting the handlebar in the stem

Ensure that you have placed the stem correctly on the frame. Confirm that the handlebars are at the center and then attach the faceplate to the stem’s body using clamping bolts. Depending on whether your stem is front load or top load, you may need to hold the handlebars in position. Snug them equally in an X pattern. After you are done, you can now align the handlebars in such a way that they are parallel to the fork.

If you had put the stem separately on the handlebar, you can now put the other parts. Place the stem and the handlebars on the steering tube. Insert the compression bolt after you have greased it. Use an Allen wrench to fix it tightly.



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