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Salsa Cut-Throat 2020 [Review]

MY20 Cut Throat

The Salsa MY20 Cut-Throat Carbon GRX-600 Bike 2020 (Review)

The cutthroat is an ultra-endurance bike designed to redefine mountain biking experience. Featuring the latest drive train technology, the cut-throat bike has a more compliant frame, a direct mount-frame bag mounting points, and a much-improved cargo capability that makes it a perfect tour-divide bike. Its impressive array of accessory mounts and spacing for cargo, allows riders to cover long distances with speed, comfort, and firm control. Reputed for gliding easily on gravel, sand or stone, the grx-600 salsa bike assures precision, as it instills confidence in known or unanticipated terrains.


Salsa cut-throat Carbon fork

The Salsa cut-throat carbon fork is a lightweight and nimble fork that provides this bike a strong presence on all terrains. Designed to withstand the rigorous demands of various terrains, the new carbon cut-throat fork features a full carbon fiber plate, and a strong three pack mount to carry large cargo. Riders will be pleased to note that the grx-600 affords them a unique sense of nimbleness and reliability due to it’s improved carbon fork. 

Class 5 vibration reduction system (VRS) 

To ensure riders comfort, the grx-600 features an innovative class 5 vibration reduction system. A series of well-designed seatstays and chainstays, the VRS provides the grx-600 with a firm suspension as it takes in the shock that results in driving through various terrains. What this ensures is a smooth and comfortable experience for riders who find themselves often in hard terrains. 


The grx-600 comes with the impressive hydraulic disc brakes to put absolute control within the rider’s reach. Light and space-efficient, this mechanical marvel is the perfect addition to the already outstanding features of the grx-600 road bike. With its unique position, the hydraulic disc brakes on the grx-600 reduce the brakes footprint on the frame. Also easy on the hand, riders can apply the soft yet firm controls as they ride over difficult terrains seamlessly.


Fork: Salsa Cutthroat Carbon

Frame: Carbon frame

Front Derailleur: Shimano GRX 810

Front Shifter: Shimano GRX 600 Hydro

Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc Brake

Brakes: Shimano GRX 600 Hydro

Cassette: Shimano HG700-11

Chain: Shimano HG601-11

Front Tire: Teravail Sparwood 29 x 2.2″ Durable, Tubeless Ready

Front Wheel: WTB ST i23

Handlebar: Salsa Cowchipper

Headset: cane creek 40

Stem: Saddle bar

Saddle: WTB volt comp

Crankset: Race face Ride

  • The salsa has the class 5 vibration reduction system for shock reduction.
  • A strong three pack mount for carrying large cargo
  • The grx-600 possess a strong frame suitable for long-distance terrains
  • Its hydraulic brake helps provide soft but firm control for riders.
  • Riders have mentioned the occasional difficulties encountered using the brakes
  • Pricing may also raise issues for prospective owners


What terrain poses the most challenge to the grx-600?

None. This is simply because the grx-600 is designed with all terrains’ demands in consideration. Integrating a unique carbon frame, a vibration reduction system, and precision controls, the grx-600 is a master of all terrains. 

How does the VRS work?

The VRS, also known as the vibration reduction system, is a series of unique designs, that reduce the impact of shocks on the rider. Its intention is to provide a comfortable experience for riders as they drive through challenging terrain.


Indeed, the Salsa cut-throat carbon grx-600 bike is a masterpiece. It packs impressive specifications that meet the requirements of any would-be owner. Built for endurance in the most challenging terrain, the Salsa cut-throat features some amazing features such as the innovative vibration reduction system to ease pressure, an impressive carbon frame and fork. For prospective owners, the grx-600 is a fantastic bike that promises memorable riding experiences. 

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