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The Salsa Marrakesh 2019 [Review]


The Salsa Marrakesh 2019 (Review)

The Salsa Marrakesh is an all-around durable touring bike designed for heavy-loaded rides, rough terrains, and producing compliant ride experiences and safety in its entirety. It also provides a relaxed experience and aerodynamics while also capable of taking long rides, maintaining durability, and stability. In addition, with its components, it guarantees maximal comfort that demonstrate nimbleness and speed at the right time with the right amount of comfort, companionship on long rides while distributing confidence and control to the rider. The components are Steel frame, Shimano drivetrain, Maxxis tires, and Hayes brakes.


Steel Cobra Chromoly Frame

This is a durable and compliant frame that ensures the bike’s smoothness on rough terrains, ability to take on many loads, lightness, and unique strength even to the extent of being repaired when damaged, unlike its counterparts. It features placements for up to three water bottles, fenders, capabilities to withstand impacts, and reducing discomfort to the rider to increase stability and balance.

Maxxis Tires

These are 450grams sleek touring bike that provides speed, good traction, compliance, and rideability in winter. It also provides good exploration features and excels in rough terrains where naturally other bikes wouldn’t surmount, and as well maintain suitability to excel in loaded conditions, hilly descents and climbs, good cornering, stability, and predictability. It adds to the sleek look of the bike and adds to smooth-rolling features with seasoned abilities to ensure comfort

Hayes Mechanical Disc Brakes

These powerful Hayes brakes are very incredible in dry conditions with maintained lightness, classic looks, high performance, and predictability. They are quite outstanding while depositing control and confidence to the rider with efficient stopping power, little required maintenance, and pressure to operate. They also provide good traction and cornering skills in rough terrains.

Cowchipper Handlebar

These are light and easy to control bars with good dropping position of 116mm that ensure stability in rough terrains with retained suitability in long hard rides that may come along with tours while allowing the rider take different riding position of the hands and rock every mountain terrain even in climbing, keeping the rider in charge, eliminating numb feelings and with mostly good reviews from past users


Front Derailleur: Deore

Saddle: Volt

Frame: Chromoly Steel Salsa

Handlebar: Cowchipper

Stem: Guide

Brakes: Expert Hayes, CX

Grips: Cork Salsa Gel

Tires: 700×42 Maxxis tires

Chain: X9

Headset: Creek

Seatpost: Standard alloy

Rear Derailleur:  Shallow Deore

Shifters: BSR1 Shimano End

Wheels: Hubs WTB Deore

Fork: Marrakesh Fork

Cranks: Deore

  • The bike is suited for rough terrains and provides the rider with comfort
  • The bike gives relaxed rides even in long journeys with its comfortable saddle position
  • The bike is suited for long rides and features racks for heavy luggage and placements for up to three water bottles
  • The positioning of the bike makes for easy steering and control even with heavy loads
  • The tires are not very resistant to punctures  due to its tread pattern
  • The handle of the bike may be too thin and less comfortable for all riders


What is the bike specifically designed for?

The Salsa Marrakesh bike is designed for long hard touring in rough terrains with capabilities to carry huge luggage and still maintain balance

Is the bike suited for steep and hilly terrains?

The bike performs excellently on steep and hilly areas


The Salsa Marrakesh is a touring bike that excels on rough terrains even while carrying luggage and providing a peaceful ride experience, compliance, and durability. Its parts are a reliable companion for tours allowing the rider to have the right amount of confidence and control in the ride with sustained abilities to go through lengthy rides.

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