Size of Road Bike Saddle Bag

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Size of Road Bike Saddle Bag

A saddle bag is the most popular and important accessory that should be considered while buying an extra kit for a bike. While riding on or off the road, saddlebag is the most essential and obvious place to keep the emergency essentials. Here are the different saddlebag sizes suggested for you.

Size of the Saddlebag
Saddlebags come in different sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Use something else, some other size

It’s recommended to think again on your option if you want a bag larger than a medium-sized saddlebag. Larger saddlebags can interface with pedalling. To hold things such as puncture patches, inner tube, tire levers and CO2 canister, small bags are designed.

While medium-sized saddlebags are designed to keep things like a puncture repair kit, tire levers, two CO2 canisters, two inner tubes, and an energy bar. If there is a need to carry something then you can carry it in your jersey pocket.

Inside Your Bag
A bag with internal stowage loops and multiple compartments is not the need for most riders as they believe, and less is more. To carry things like puncture patch strips and credit cards, a slim internal extra compartment can be used. Wrap the contents of the saddlebags in Buff, neck-warmer, or headband to avoid the contents from rattling around annoyingly. It’s also handy for keeping the rattles at bay if a saddlebag offers some sort of cinch-down function.

Different Saddlebag Options for You

The following options are available depending upon the space your accessories are going to occupy and the size of saddlebags:

  • Beautifully Simple

A simple and basic saddle bag that just has a large zipped pocket that attaches to the rails of your saddle and can keep spare inner tubes, tire levers, a multi-tool, some cash, an emergency rear light, a puncture repair kit, or any other potential ride-saving bit of kit. FWE Medio Saddle Pack Pro is the perfect example of such a simple and beautifully designed saddlebag.

  • Packing Big in Big Saddlebag

If someone wants to carry more than just a few essentials, a big packing bag is needed. For riders such as light-travelling cycle commuters or leisure riders, bigger saddlebags are great because they might spend their full day on their bike. Bontrager Seat Pack Pro Interchange QC X-Large is the perfect example of such saddlebags.

  • Ultra-Compact Emergency Items Carrying Saddlebag

Fast riders such as racers might want to carry only absolute ride emergency essentials. They should invest in a particularly compact saddlebag. Lezyne Micro Caddy QR Small is the perfect example of an ultra-compact bag.

  • Expandable

You would not want to leave things that you are keen to take with you. For such a case, an expandable saddlebag would be a great option because in normal form it’ll help you in taking your spares with you and in expandable mode; it’ll help to take spare plus some extra with you. Altura Explore Expanding Seatpack is the perfect example of such a saddlebag.

  • Retro-Inspired Saddlebag

If you want to have a well-aged canvas saddlebag to put some impression then you can get retro-inspired saddlebags from brands such as Brooks, Pashley, Bobbin Bicycles or Carradice. A perfect example of such a bag is Brooks Isle of Wight Saddlebag Small.

  • Drink up

If the top concern is liquid refuelling then some saddlebags are designed to keep water bottles in addition to all content. If you don’t want to keep an extra drink bottle you can keep something else like a lightweight rain jacket in that space. TopeakMondopack Hydro Saddle Bag is the best example of such a bag.

The Bottom Line
It is very important to have right-sized saddlebag while travelling or riding your bike at any time. There are many sizes available and the selection depends upon your requirements. Small, medium and large saddlebag sizes are available for you to be chosen from and enjoy your bike riding experience along with the necessary items and emergency equipment.


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