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The Specialized AWOL 2020 [Review]


The Specialized AWOL 2020 Review

The Specialized AWOL is an adventure road bike that produces highly responsive and confident rides in varying terrains with smooth and comfortable rides in commutes, tours, and camping. The parts make the bike marveling as it possesses good gears that are suitable enough for long rides, fat tires that provide for stability, excellent crankset for hilly climbs. More to this, it possesses racks at the front and rear end, reliable brakes, and fine handlebars for good steering with increased grip and speed while maximizing comfort and retaining high performance.


Chromoly Adventure Frame

This Chromoly frame can effectively withstand long hard rides, provide comfort, take on a huge luggage with its rack, and possess accurate stiffness, ensure compliance, increase performance, maintain versatility and provide exotic, adventurous rides. It suits varying sizes of riders, is lightweight, provides a good response to the riders, and maintain flexibility and strength even to shake-off the weight that comes from the loads and provides a smooth adventurous ride quality.

Specialized Tyres

These durable tires come with a good puncture-protected design that guarantees good rides in roads and mountains. They provide smooth, fast rolls with lesser noises, good cornering, and excellent abilities on pavements and rough roads. Additionally, they maintain durability and high level of stability and comfort as it absorbs vibrations and reduces stress on the part of the rider while increasing traction.

Phenom Saddles

The Phenom is a Specialized saddle with geometry that helps improve the blood flow of the riders during rides while being customed for comfort and featuring accurate, supportive cushioning and friction that suits long rides and improves pedaling even while standing. It is also durable, good looking, adequately stiff, and ensures high performance and suits long hard rides and terrains that come with the mountains.

Nylon Reflective Pedals 

They are quality loose bearing pedals that are grippy, thin and provide high performance with an accurate weight that enables a rider to spin smoothly on rides. They also accommodate mountain rides and produce enough comfort that suits long rides even in rough and smooth terrains with a structure that urges the rider to pedal efficiently.


Cassette: 11-32t, Shimano

Pedals: Nylon with reflectors

Saddle: Steel, 143mm, Phenom

Frame: Chromoly Tubing with racks, mounts, and an adventure geometry

Handlebars: 25mm, AWOL

Chain: 9-speed, KMC

Bottom Bracket: FSA

Tires: 700×45 Fatboy 60TPi

Fork: Racks, ChroMoly, Mounts, internal routing

Brakes: 160mm, Spyre

Rear Derailleur: Sora

Headset: 15mm, integrated FSA

Shifters: STi Sora

Stem: 7-degree, Specialized alloy

Cranks: Alloy, FSA

Rear and Front Hubs: 32h, Specialized

Seatpost: 27.2mm, alloy

Front Derailleur: Sora

  • The bike is suited to carry large luggage and still produce a good quality ride.
  • The bike is suited for and provides comfort on commutes, strolls, and tours
  • The bike is designed to bring adventures to rides
  • The bike is capable of accommodating racks in the front and back of the bike
  • The bike is not very fast and is a little heavy hence cannot be carried around easily
  • The bike has no water bottle placements


Can the Specialized AWOL be used for mountain rides?

The bike is not very suited for rough surfaces in the mountains, but the bike can be used for training in the mountains

What is the bike most suited for?

The bike is ideal for commutes strolls, and tours.


The Specialized AWOL is an easy bike with parts that are easy to operate and provides stability, comfort, and predictability while being ideal for long and short rides on commutes, strolls, and tours. The bike is capable of carrying luggage on racks mounted in the front and back of the bike and maintains compliance, and just the right amount of speed for any kind of rider that seeks high performance.

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