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Surly Ogre 2020 [Review]


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The Surly Ogre 2020 (Review)

This Surly Ogre bike is a versatile bike geared towards exploring several terrains in lengthy and short trips such as in commutes, travels, and errands. It is a unique bike that is suitable for rides all through the year, regardless of the season. The bike also has large racks that can fit trice the amount of luggage that any other bike can carry. The bike also features mudguards, uses disc brakes, is durable, and made with Surly CroMoly steel frame and excellent 29er tires while maintaining speed on various terrains. They are ideal for tours and possess a classic look.


Cromoly Surly Steel Frame

This Surly Ogre bike is made of steel, which makes it exceptionally light, responsive, durable, and strong. The frame makes the bike suited to carry out different kinds of rides smoothly and fast while letting the rider take a comfortable position to make easy maneuvres, thus having a better edge. These frames are not affected by temperature, thereby making the bike suited for rides all year round while also being able to resist the effects of fractures and soak up bumps and vibrations. The frames require a low level of maintenance and not easily prone to rust.

Hydraulic Tektro Brakes

These are reliable and fine brakes that provide powerful braking performance, possess an incredible feel, are very durable, resistant to rusts, and heat while needing little pressure to bring about good braking performance. These hydraulic brakes are efficient and adjust itself

Tubeless-Ready Surly Tires

These are terrestrial tires that are impressive and designed for tours and the ability to crush every rough terrain it crosses. Its thread provides good traction and is structured to resist piercings from sharp objects while exhibiting speed and being suited for a wide variety of terrains, both rough and smooth, while maintaining good grips with its beads. Rides with these tires are smooth, balanced, and stable as they are also long-lasting.

Salsa Handlebar

This handlebar is structured for tours and aggressive riding and allows the rider to take an arched position while riding, thereby promoting the rider’s safety and confidence. It is also adjustable to suit any rider’s build, durable, strong, and promoting the natural movements of the hand. It makes the rider balanced while being suited for long trips.


Frame: Steel 4130 Surly Cromoly.

Saddle: WTB Sport

Tires: Extraterrestrial Tubeless-Ready Surly tires

Fork: 4130 TIG Cromoly

Handlebar: Salsa

Brakes: M275 Tektro brakes

Rims: WTB

Seatpost: 30mm stainless

Grip: Velo grip

Headset: 400 Creek 

Front Hub: QR Novatec

Stem: 31.8mm Promax

Brake levers: M275 Tektro

Bottom Bracket: SRAM

Rear Hub: Thru-axle, Novatec

Rear Derailleur:  Deore Shimano

Shifters: M6000 Shimano

Cog: 11-42t micro shifts

Rotors: Tektro

Crank: 32t SRAM

Chain: KMC

  • The Surly Ogre bike allows a rider to ride all year round in all seasons
  • The bike has a rack that can accommodate large luggage
  • The bike has good CroMoly frames that soak up vibrations, bumps, and shocks thus making a ride comfortable
  • The bike is suited for road and paths 
  • The braking power of the bike is not very reliable
  • The tires are heavy


Is the bike only suited for road rides?

The bike is suited for roads and journeys off the road.

Does this bike take on lengthy rides?

Yes, the bike is suited for long rides.


The Surly Ogre 2020 bike allows riders to go on and on all year round regardless of the seasons as it has the relevant adaptable parts that ensure that the bike is fit and safe to survive in all conditions. It keeps the rider safe, comfortable, balanced, and confident as the bike is also strong, powerful, stiff, durable, and set to bring on adventures and great tours in different terrains.