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Emonda ALR 5

By: Mason Arnold

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The Emonda ALR 5 2020 [Review]


The Emonda ALR 5 2020 [Review]

The Emonda ALR 5 is an advanced bike structured with an aluminum frame but has more than the tough engineering of a carbon frame. The bike is ultimately suited for racing, considerably less expensive, and has a combination of both aluminum and carbon in one bike. The braking and tire system is strictured to increase performance, and the bike is generally comfortable, balanced, and ready to rock the trails. The bike is quite light also, confident and easy to understand, reliable brakes, strong, upright saddle, and stabilized. The classic look of the bike is attributed to aluminum, and its handling is similar to that of high carbon.


The Aluminum Ultralight Frame

The aluminum ultralight frame is lightweight, stiff, strong, and responsive to the rider as it makes no hesitation in complying with the rider’s needs and comfort. Their structure is incredible as they are built to improve the nature of a ride and reduce the feeling of shocks and vibration while riding. The combined performance of aluminum and carbon makes this frame incredible, while the weld’s invisibility adds to the classic look and protection of the bike.

Hard-Case Bontrager Tires

The Bontrager tires are remarkable for their durability, protection against thorns, good traction, high level of performance, and excellent racing and commuting capabilities. They are Hard-Case tires that boost a racer’s confidence and are lightweight, with good capabilities at turns and bends. Hence, they show little to no resistance as they roll regardless of the weather, terrain, or obstacle. Additionally, they give the rider stability and confidence in climbing up and down the hills. They are efficient when it comes to braking and impressive when it comes to cornering fast.

Hydraulic brakes

Regardless of the weather condition and terrain, these brakes with this attribute make it reliable, dependable, powerful, and thus produce instantaneous results. The brakes provide smooths shifts, confidence and radically support different methods of riding at a low level of maintenance due to the hydraulic. They are high performance and stable brakes and ensures the rider’s safety and excellence, producing lesser fatigue on the rider as the rider needs not yo apply full strength to result in full braking power even at high speed.

Montrose Bontrager Saddle

The saddle is structured to ensure comfort, durability, stability, and flexibility. The saddle supports the structure of the 2nd posture, supports the rider to exert natural flowing moves that every ruder expects, it does this still maintaining connection and responsiveness with the rider. The edges of the saddle are cut in a rounded shape to bring ease to the back movement and pressure is not concentrated thus removing discomfort


Frame: 300 series ultralight alpha aluminum frame.

Chain: 11-speed Shimano

Saddle: Montrose Bontrager

Stem: 31.8mm Elite Bontrager

Brake: Hydraulic  Disc 105 Shimano

Weight: 9.05kg

Fork: 12×100mm carbon Emonda

Seat Post: 8mm Carbon Bontrager

Headset: Integrated Cartridge, sealed

Cassette: 11-speed 105 Shimano

Handlebar: Comp Bontrager

Rear Derailleur: R7000 105 Shimano

Crank: R7000 105 Shimano

Rear Hub: Alloy Bontrager

Tire: Hard-Case R1 Bontrager

Front Derailleur: Braze-on 105 Shimano

Front Hub: Alloy Bontrager

Bottom Bracket: 86.5mm, BB71 Shimano

Weight limit: 125kg

Handlebar Type: Tape perf Bontrager

Brake Rotor: 160mm SM-RT70 Shimano


  • The bike’s frame is made of aluminum and has the handling of carbon; hence it is a two-in-one bike.
  • The bike features the position most riders make use of which is the posture 2
  • The bike is considerably not expensive
  • The tires are not very good


Is the bike ideal for races?


Is the Emonda suited for road and mountain rides?

The bike is structured for road rides and races alike


The Emonda ALR is a powerful bike suited for road rides and races. The bike’s frame is made of aluminum with carbon handling; thus, the bike is faster, durable, light, stable, and balanced. The bike is suited for both genders, responsive and connects to the rider to bring about an improved ride. The components are in the right compositions, and a great ride is guaranteed.