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Trek Farley 6

By: Mason Arnold

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Trek Farley 6 2020 [Review]


Trek Farley 6 2020 [Review]

Trek Farley 6 is an excellent fat bike that incredibly supports movement in rowdy trails as they make good sprints and descents while being suited for races in all trails and every season with their smooth-rolling capacity, ease, responsiveness, and exciting nature. They are versatile and durable bikes structured with a compatible rack, alpha Platinum frames, and Hodag comfortable fat bike tires that absorb shocks and vibrations with excellent grips to ensure a rider’s safety.


Alpha Platinum Frame

These are widely known for their excellence at being light, durable, stiff,  shocks and vibrations absorbance, speed, strength, and smooth finishings. The frame also allows the rider to adjust the seat post to suit the preferences when riding, thus, leading to a very effective pedaling and quality ride. These frames are compliant, comfortable, unique, and suited for races, rides, and other cycling competitions. With this frame, a rider can sprint and descend effectively

Avid Hydraulic Brakes

The braking powers of this brakes provide ultimate excellence to the rider as they are light, convenient and is specially designed to be resistant to the effects of crashes due to its Bend Technology. This efficient brake enables good traction and control, suited for beginners, and maintains a classic look while requiring a low level of maintenance despite its incredible design, durability, and suitability for climbing uphill and downhill. This tire also is suited for aggressive riding along the trails with its knobs

Hodag Tires

These tires are brilliant when it comes to rolling on any surface, providing good traction, puncture protectedness, good grips with the hairs on its tread, and fast even in dirty, sandy and snowy terrains while still guaranteeing quality rides. They are also lightweight, extremely powerful, and providing good corners and excellent braking while absorbing shocks and vibrations, thereby reducing the level of stress and pressure on the rider and promoting their comfort. These tires are also suited for paths and snowy terrains

Race Handlebars

This handlebar is designed for all kinds of rides regardless of the length of the ride and its terrain. They are durable and designed to reduce fatigue, increase stiffness, and lightness of the bike as well as it’s strength. They provide the perfect grips when climbing and descending on trails or pavements and are structured to make the rider take control of the ride due to its effective lever positioning


Frame: Platinum Alpha Aluminum frame

Handlebar: 31.8mm Lite Race Bontrager

Tires: Hodag Bontrager

Stem: 7-degree Race Bontrager

Fork: Platinum Alpha Aluminum with brake mount

Saddle: Wvoke Bontrager

Rear Derailleur: Deore Shimano

Seat Post: 8mm Alloy Bontrager

Front Derailleur: X5 SRAM

Brake: DB1 hydraulic disc Avid

Cassette: 10-speed, HG50 Shimano

Shifters: 10-speed Shimano

Crank: 36/22 Ride Race

Headset: FSA

  • The bike is suitable in all trails in all seasons of the year
  • The bike has great tires
  • The bike is also fast
  • The seat post of the bike often slips
  • The grips are hard in higher temperature conditions


Is there Trek Farley 6 suited for beginners?

Yes. The parts of the bike can accommodate those who are not professionals

Can the bike be ridden on roads?

The bike is more suited for mountainous terrains and its performance is greatly reduced ok roads.


The Trek Farley 6 is a fat mountain bike that excellently supports all trails in all seasons of the year, and thus is suited for those that love to ride all year round. It is built with comfort, stability, balance, and safety of the rider and the bike as they go through those terrains. This bike features durable parts that are smooth, thereby creating an enjoyable ride.