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Trek Precaliber 16

By: Mason Arnold

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Trek Precaliber 16 Boys 2020 [Review]


Trek Precaliber 16 Boys 2020 [Review]

The first experience of kids learning how to ride a bike should be fun, and the Precaliber 16 Boys is just right for that. This bike is specially built for kids to ensure their safety, comfort, and balance while riding. An important item in being enthusiastic about riding a bike is what the bike offers; this bike is equipped with all components to make a good experience such as a comfy saddle, a reliable grip, light and durable frame, and smooth pedals.

With this bike, learning to ride is easy as its enjoined seat post and handle ensures adequate guidance. The wheels can also be removed after the learning stage and can be replaced with more sophisticated ones. This bike gives the rider confidence and exciting rides.


Silver Aluminum Frame

This is a might and durable frame that is perfect for the learning child. It makes it easy for a child to understand the intricacies of riding as it moves easily. With its low frame, kids can easily climb on and off the bike, and the use of aluminum makes the bike resistant to rust and long-lasting as other children can still make use of the bike. The alpha frame instills confidence as the child takes the first lessons in biking; hence they can control their rides. The safety of the child is also ensured with its stiff frame.

XRI Bontrager Tires

The bike features an MTB kid’s Bontrager tires. This tire is also composed of components contained in the higher versions of Bontrager tires. The tire is extremely reliable, fast, suitable for various trails, and is durable. With this tire, kids can increase their speed and feel the quality of the ride. The tires make smooth rides and are also firm despite being light. These are the tires that meet the expectations of learning kids; they are also durable and efficient in making corners.

Padded Saddle with Seatpost and Handle

The saddle is built for comfort and safety as the handle is enjoined to the seat post. This feature enables trainers to direct the kids while riding properly. The padded saddles are light, don’t wear out easily, ensure the child pedals better, and get a more responsive connection with the bike; thus, kids won’t have to get bored easily while riding. These features ensure the balance and stability of the rider.


Frame: Silver Alpha Kids Aluminum frame

Rear Hub: Brake, coaster

Front Hub: 100mm steel

Pedal: Satellite for kids

Stem: Alloy Bontrager

Training Wheel: Adjustable wheels

Weight: 8.16kg

Fork: Steel fork

Rim: Schrader valve, alloy

Handlebar: Steel for kids

Weight Limit: All weight should not exceed 30kg

Saddle: Padded saddle with handle and seat post for kids

Chain: HV410

Tire: XR1 Bontrager

Grips: 107mm grip for kids

Bottom Bracket: 68mm stapler square

Spoke: Steel, 14g

Crank: 90mm alloy

  • The frame of the bike is easy to operate for kids
  • The bike is stylish and attractive, thus appealing to kids
  • The bike is durable as other kids can also make use of it.
  • The pedals are not long-lasting as reported by some users
  • Training wheels do not let the kids know how real biking feels


Is the bike suitable for boys and girls?

Yes, it is

What age range can make use of the bike?

The bike is suited for kids between four to five years.


The Trek Precaliber 16 Boys is a unisex bike for children of four to five years. It gives them this exciting feeling of riding a bike for the first time and would want to master this new skill. This bike is durable enough for other kids to use it; it is safe for them and as well, makes them take control of their ride. This is the perfect bike for a great experience in learning.