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Trek Stache 9.8

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Trek Stache 9.8 2020 [Review]


Trek Stache 9.8 2020 (Review)

The Stache is a strong bike designed to glide seamlessly over mountainous terrains. Well weighted yet strong, the Stache incorporates quick acceleration, stability, and an aesthetic design to inspire confidence. The frame packs an OCLV carbon frame, which immensely reduces weight while providing riders with stability and comfort as they navigate with ease rugged terrains. Designed for rocky mountainous paths, the Stache boasts of a tubeless Bontrager Chupacabra tire suitably built for floating seamlessly over stony, sandy, or muddy terrains. The G2 geometry frame further provides a custom fork to enhance handling while keeping confidence.


The OCLV Carbon Frame

The OCLV carbon frame, unlike metallic frames, is designed to reduce immensely weight while maintaining hardiness and fastness, as well as increased aerodynamic properties. The OCLV carbon frame is also very malleable, making it moldable into various shapes. To further enhance the durability of the Stache, the carbon armor help reduce the impact of the shock on the frame. The carbon armor long-lasting absorbent properties reduce shock while also giving the rider a sense of comfort and confidence during tough rides.

Bontrager Wheels and Tyres

The Stache runs on a Bontrager line pro 40 wheels, which are stiff, low weight, and highly performing wheels with excellent braking capabilities. Its rapid drive feature keeps you coursing forward even in the most challenging terrains. With the Bontrager wheels, riders are assured of a high-quality ride.

The Bontrager Chupacabra tires are tubeless, high performing tires designed to glide comfortably on various terrains. Noted for their durability, they possess excellent traction, which is comfortable in snow, mud, or stony terrains.


Using the SRAM guide Rs hydraulic disc technology, the Stache offers an impressive pad contact. Possessing effective stopping power, they are easily accessible, providing firm modulation. Also comfortable to grasp, they don’t emit screeching noises and give a hasty response to riders’ demands. With such firm control, the rider is bound to enjoy a hitch free in different terrains.


Frame: OCLV Mountain Carbon, Carbon Armor, G2 Geometry.

Fork: RockShox Pike RC

Wheels: Bontrager Line Pro 40

Tyres: Bontrager Chupacabra

Brakes: SRAM Guide RS hydraulic disc

Rear derailleur: SRAM X01, Roller Bearing Clutch.

Crank: SRAM X1 Carbon, 30T Direct Mount X-Sync.

Cassette: SRAM XG-1175, 10-42, 11 speed

Saddle: Bontrager Montrose Elite

Seatpost: Bontrager Drop Line 125

Stem: Bontrager Line Pro, 35mm

Headset: Integrated, cartridge bearing

Weight: 12.95 kg (28.5 lb)


  • Its unique body design provides easy maneuverability while maintaining its firmness
  • It possesses a strong armor that minimizes impacts and ensures a comfortable ride
  • The tires are versatile to glide on any terrain
  • It bestows an air of confidence on its riders, giving them a pleasurable experience
  • The SRAM brake system is effective but not all round reliable
  • Some users complained its brake not durable enough


Is the Stache suitable limited to mountain terrains?

No, its use is diverse, as its tires are specifically designed to match the conditions of various terrains.

Can it be used for sporting activities?

Yes, the stache sporting bikes are suitable for different sporting activities.


The stache 9.8 sporting bikes are resilient bikes designed for diverse terrains. With this bike uniquely designed tires, it can glide smoothly on sand, stone, ice or mud. Its unique frame pattern provides a shock distribution system that eases comfort for the rider, enhancing confidence and a sense of control further bolstered by its efficient brake system.

Without an iota of doubt, the stache 9.8 sporting bike is the exact go to bike for riders who seek a thrilling biking experience.

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