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Trek Top Fuel 9.8

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Trek Top Fuel 9.8 2020 [Review]


Trek Top Fuel 9.8 2020 [Review]

The Trek Top Fuel 9.8 is an excellent racing mountain bike that is structured for almost any style of riding in tricky terrains while maintaining its reduced weight, comfort, and stability to the rider.

This bike is made with a carbon OCLV frame that produces strength, stiffness, and more enjoyable rides made, which is made possible with its wide wheels that ensure support, tough grips for stability, and excellent brakes for control. The bike is structured to make good sprints in mountainous regions, including rocky and hilly areas, while at high speed and overtake races while still maintaining proper traction and comfort of the rider. The bike also has smaller frames for smaller riders to have an easy ride.


 OCLV Carbon Frame

This frame is quintessential to make fast and quick rides because it is light and stiff. With this frame, a rider can move uphills and make descents at speed level while having a fun, awesome, responsive, and safe ride because the Block frame prevents spinning and the geometry can be easily adjusted even during rides. The structure of the bike makes it override the bad effect of riding in such a rough terrain thus building the stability and durability of the bike.

XR3 Bontrager Tires

This versatile tire is designed for races and is proven excellent in various terrains by remaining fast and smooth, consistent in providing good traction and great cornering abilities in confident rides. This is the go-to tire for good grips, aggressiveness, lightness, punctured protectedness, and durability despite the trail ridden on while also maintaining speed and a quality ride. The bike has a unique thread to enhance speed, yet constructed to give a soft feeling to the rider.

Elite Montrose Bontrager Saddle

This Elite saddle is structured for effective performance and comfort as it suits the posture 2 which insinuate that the rider can take an aggressive position while on rides. This light saddle distributes pressure evenly, and the nose is structured for stability and to enhance the natural flowing movements of the rider while still maintaining compliance and comfort

RT66 Shimano Brakes

These are reliable brakes that are excellent for races because they are consistent when it comes to stopping, are durable, and can remove muds and dirt during rides even as it supports aggressive rides. These ensure that the rider has total control and confidence in climbing and descending in hilly areas and even in other terrains. They are sleek, producing less noise, are properly modulated, and producing smooth shifts.


Frame:  OCLV Carbon Mountain frame

Wheels: Elite Kovee Bontrager, tubeless-ready

Crank: Truvative

Saddle: Elite Montrose Bontrager

Brake: M7100 Shimano hydraulic disc

Handlebar: Carbon Line Bontrager Pro

Shifters: GX SRAM

Seatpost: Dropper Bontrager Line

Weight: 11.80kg

Stem: Kovee Bontrager Pro

Chain: 12-speed GX SRAM

Rear Derailleur: GX SRAM

Tire: XR3 Bontrager tubeless-ready

Fork: 34 performance fox, EVOL

Bottom Bracket: SRAM

Headset: Integrated Block

Weight Limit: 136kg

Cassette: 12-speed XG SRAM

Rear Skewer: Switch Bontrager

Suspension: SRAM


  • The bike is fast
  • The bike is suited for all mountainous terrain
  • The bike suits different methods of rides that the rider may want to try out.
  • The brakes are a bit heavy


Can the bike go on long races?

The bike is more suitable for short races and endurance races.

the Top Fuel 9.8 be used on roads?

The bike is suited for both roads and mountain biking


The Trek Top Fuel 9.8 is a combines the features of many excellent mountain bikes and is suitable for different styles of riding that a rider might want to try out. The bike is made with a light and stiff carbon frame and versatile Bontrager tires, comfortable saddle, and tight grips. All these compositions make this bike excellent for mountains and thriving on roads.

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