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What Is A Hybrid Bike Used For?

By: Alex Bristol

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Not sure if a hybrid bike is for you?

There are so many kinds of bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, but hybrid bikes are worth a look at. Do you own a hybrid bike or thinking about getting one? Before you look up the best hybrid bikes, you’re going to what is a hybrid bike good for so you know how to choose a hybrid bike.

If you love cycling but haven’t committed to a road bike or a mountain bike, then maybe a hybrid bike is for you. We all know that not everyone is pro cyclist or will do only one type of cycling. If you can’t make up your mind between a road bike and a trail bike, then hybrid bikes are worth a look at.

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Hybrid bikes are used for a variety of cycling, from commuting to exploring the local dirt track uphill, they’re a convenient way of getting to and from work. If you want the best of both worlds, then hybrid bikes are perfect.

I know a thing or two about hybrid bikes, so I will be taking you through what kind of riding hybrid bikes are for and why you need them in your life. I’m sure you have other questions, such as what are hybrid bikes, and how to size a hybrid bike. You’ll know whether hybrid bikes are the style for you, or if you’re into a different type of cycling.

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What is a hybrid bike

First of all, what is a hybrid bike, and how is different from other bikes?

Many people go for hybrid bikes because of their versatility. I know what you’re thinking, why is it called a hybrid bike? Let me tell you, it’s because hybrids are a blend of road bikes, and mountain bikes.

They provide the benefits of a mountain bike such as a wide range of gears, wide tires, and being capable of navigating off road riding. Road bikes or cycle cross bikes are built for racing, suited to asphalt and roads. They give you a horizontal riding position and narrow tires that sometimes come with the option of locking your feet onto the pedals for more power.

It’s a perfect bike for those who are looking for the middle ground, comfortable but can pick up speed, suited to both types of terrain due to a good selection of gears and mid width tires. The idea is that you’ll be able to go fast on pavement, but also be able to explore off road trails well due to the gears and the upright riding position.

If you can’t decide on a mountain bike or hybrid which should I buy, or you’re a beginner that is unsure where to start, then a hybrid bike is a good option. You can also get electric hybrid bikes. What is a hybrid electric bike?

What is a hybrid bike good for?

The deal with hybrid bikes is that, they’re great for a variety of terrain and riding styles.

Much like a jack of all trades, a hybrid bike is pretty good in all types of terrain, but won’t be as good as a specialized bike such as a gravel bike. What is a gravel bike vs hybrid? That being said, not everyone cycles daily or wants to break records. So what id a hybrid bike good for?


One of the main reasons people like to use hybrid bikes is for commuting. Rather than take the car, and get stuck in a traffic jam everyday, you can get on your hybrid bike and cycle to work or school. Many people have opted for this as a healthier option both for themselves and the environment. Most hybrid bikes are good at being a city bike, and dealing with paved roads, being lightweight and easily maneuverable in and out of places.

Errands in town

Not everyone owns a car, and public transport is not always so practical. A hybrid bike is built for town riding and can be the perfect option for going about town on errands or grocery shopping. Now, I know what you’re thinking, what about my stuff? Well, a hybrid bike is easily customizable, in fact, many come with a pannier rack on the front or cargo racks on the rear wheel, so you can carry your shopping with you easily. Plus, built with medium size wheels, hybrids offer more stability than a road bike but are perfectly suited to the town.

Family vacations

Not everyone is an avid cyclist, but maybe you like to combine vacation with exercise in the form of a fun day out exploring the area on your bike. Whether you go somewhere rural or in the city, taking your bike with you is a good idea, and the hybrid bike is perfect for that. Hybrids have a lot of tire clearance, you can easily switch up the tires for more appropriate ones for instance larger 29inch tires with tread perfect for a mountain vacation. The point is, hybrids are very versatile and can easily handle an occasional ride off trail in slightly rougher road conditions.

Beach rides

If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, have you every thought about bringing your bike with you? The hybrid bike features a more upright riding position and a flat handlebar, some in a cruiser-style bike that is perfect for casual riding. You can even put slightly thicker, smooth tires for the beach and take a chill ride across the sand. Hybrid bikes offer more comfort than flat bar road bikes and can handle loose or uneven road conditions such as sand.

Short distance off-road

If you love exploring the local country trails or riding with your dog at the park, then a hybrid bike could be just the thing. Due to their mix with a mountain bike, they often feature tires with more tread and a bike geometry with suspension that works well on rough, uneven nature trails. Unlike a road bike, it is stronger and able to take the impact of rough terrain, using a variety of gears to help you climb steep hills and a variety of terrain.

Since there are different types of hybrids, you might be wondering, how to choose a hybrid bike?

What are hybrid bikes not good for?

Hybrid bikes sound like the dream, is there anything they cant do? Actually yes.

Competitive racing

If you’re someone who enjoys aggressive riding and wants to pick up some real speed, then a hybrid bike might not be for you. A race bike or a road bike offers a more ergonomic, aerodynamic riding position than a hybrid bike, and single gear to ensure you can concentrate on going fast. Hybrid bikes don’t have a sports geometry and won’t be able to keep up next to a specialized road bike. How much faster is a road bike than a hybrid?

Long distance

If you’re a frequent cyclist or you like to do long-distance riding, then a hybrid bike is not a good idea. Yes, they are built for comfort, but not long distance. You’ll find the hybrid bike is not able to last as long as other bikes when it comes to longer hours of riding and it can get in the way of enjoying the ride.

Intense off road

If you know you love a ride through rough trails and tough terrain, you probably won’t like the hybrid bike. They are not built to be strong enough or with enough suspension or tire tread to endure intense off-road. Hybrids are built to deal with light off trail, but if you like mountain riding, steep hills and to zoom downhill, then a mountain bike with front suspension is probably best for you.

Final Thoughts

Hybrid bikes come in all shapes and forms and can offer much more than a standard bike. From city bikes to touring bikes, they are essentially cyclocross bikes that can be both a cruiser bike or a trekking bike. You should also know how to size a hybrid bike to find the best fit for you.

Cyclocross bicycles are good for unpaved bike trails, and hybrid bikes are designed to offer a smooth ride, whether that’s with rear suspension or good off road traction like mountain bikes. They have a lighter frame and can come in with drop handlebars or a flat handlebar. You can carry heavy loads in the pannier bags, and play around with the wheel size due to the generous wheel rims.

A hybrid bicycle comes with derailleur gears or hub gears, brake levers or v brakes, and even a suspension fork at times. It’s all about what you need and the type of bike you require.

So, when are you getting your own hybrid bike?

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