What to Carry In Road Bike Saddle Bag

Last Updated on January 16, 2020

This guide has been written by cycling review expert Alex Bristol

Last Updated on January 16, 2020

What to Carry In Road Bike Saddlebag


A saddlebag should include tools that might be needed to fix anything while being on a deserted stretch of blacktop. It is very important to know the essentials and carry those with you in the saddlebag. 

Essentials for Saddle Bag– The Right Stuff

It’s not about keeping every tool but you should have the right tools that can help you while being in trouble on the road. Compact tools and gears have been designed by the manufacturers of bike equipment that do not need extra space.

 These are some tools you might need while being in any problem.


  1. Spare Tubes 

You should have spare tubes while being on any journey and if you’re travelling a long distance then you must keep two. You can discard the box and can only keep the rubber band but keep it small and unrolled. Sprinkle any kind of baby powder on both sides of the tube and keep it in a zip lock bag that will protect it against drying out. It also protects the fresh tube from friction from the constant rubbing inside your pack.


  1. Wheel Levers

 Tire levers are important because they help you in fixing the flat without any difficulty. Only two levers are needed but you should keep three levers if there is some space. You should invest in some substantial levers that will get the tire off and on.


  1. Patch Kit

 While travelling through long-distances if you run out of all the fresh tubes, a modern patch kit can help you. You should go for the glue-free patches that stick right over the hole without using the glue because it’s believed that glue is time-consuming and takes more space in your saddlebag.


  1. Multi-Tool

 You should keep multi-tool to your saddlebag that includes basic hex wrenches and screwdrivers. If you have more space you can go all out with the Swiss Army knife type. Mostly for minor adjustments to cables or anything that happens to your bike can be adjusted with the basics.


  1. Chain Breaker

 A chain breaker is not something that would take a lot of space so you should carry it in your saddlebag. To remove broken pins from the broken chain, the chain breaker is used. It would be good to have a multi-tool that includes a chain breaker in it.


  1. Master Link

 A master link is something that is used after using a chain breaker. It helps in joining the two ends of the chain together after removing the broken pin. You should make room for this because it is smaller than a matchbook.


  1. Presta to Schrader Adapter

 The adapter may not be necessary but it’s not so big that you can’t keep it with you in your saddlebag. The small adapter helps you use the air pump or air compressor to fill the Presta-equipped valves anywhere. A-frame pump is mostly present in your saddlebag. You can help another cyclist in getting them back on the road with this small adapter.


The Bottom Line

A preventive approach is always better than a corrective one. Nobody knows what will happen in the next moment while riding a bike. It is recommended to be ready for any situation that can occur during your bike riding. That is why everyone should carry such necessary tools and equipment in their saddlebags to get rid of any mishap or incident. If you can’t carry much, just keep such emergency equipment that is mentioned above to keep yourself safe and have trouble-free bike riding experience.


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